It’s The Money Stupid!

27 10 2008

“Follow the Money.”  was made famous by the Watergate Scandal.  I was delivering news papers as a boy then (man what has changed).  The investigators repeatedly said that to find the culprits of a crime you must follow the money.

That hasn’t changed.  We Americans need to be as the Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie “Jerry Mcguire” and scream at the top of our lungs, “Show me the money!”

We The People are being lied to again and again and again and taking it like a dog returning to it’s own vomit.  Let’s wake up and demand the truth and get rid of the liars.  Watch this video for a little taste of the money path.



24 10 2008


It’s the Elephant in the room, or should I say it’s the Elephant and Donkey in the room.  I was shocked to hear Alan Greenspan claim ignorance to the reason things have gone out of control in the credit crisis which has affected the markets.

Listen, I don’t have a PhD but I am a student of business.  Greenspan is under the delusion that he didn’t do anything wrong.  He’s a little like a kid with chocolate frosting all over his face and all over the house whose mother asked, “What happened”.  The kid replies, “I don’t know.”

He of course isn’t the only one with frosting on his face.  I simply recall the shock the first time I saw a car commercial touting ZERO PERCENT INTEREST.  Free money.  What’s better than that?  The problem is multifaceted and lots of hands are still in cookie jar.  The interest dropping overreaction to put off the inevitable recession along with the politicians creating an overextension environment and a removal of safeguards while forcing banks to loan to sub-prime customers and the lending industry going hog wild with the idea. Then when inflation started to raise its ugly head the interest rates were ramped back up.

This had the net effect of artificially driving up and slamming down real estate prices.  Of course the correction is what is still happening today which is affecting the whole mess.  If housing prices were still as high and interest was still as low as it was we would not have this crisis, it would be a different one, the free money crisis of hyper inflation.  Here is a video that shares some great details although it targets mainly Obama.  As I said before there is plenty of blame to go around but if you care about the details, here are some of them.

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14 10 2008

OK, this is my very first blog ever so take it easy on me.  I have stepped out of my discomfort zone and am going to let it all hang out.

I have no idea where this is going but it’s going to be about what I thing is the most amazing stuff in the universe.  Should I talk about this, should I talk about that?  I’m just not sure where this is going but here it goes.

My favorite t-shirt right now is a simple solid bright green tee that says:




That’s the end of the T-shirt.

It cracked me up when I was at the Goodwill store (don’t tell anyone I go there).  I grabbed it.  At first I thought it meant that I procrastinated.  After wearing it for fun for a month or so, I realized the true meaning …. There are no reasons to procrastinate.  I am living right now, doing exactly what I want to do.  I am free to do or not do anything that I so choose of the available options.  I also realize that my choices are limited to the limitations I have allowed to be placed upon by myself or others.

I’ll be posting items from time to time that I find enriching, amazing, funny or otherwise worthwhile.  I’m not going to broadcast this blog for a while except for the tag.  I want to see if anyone finds me at all.

My last name is McIver.  It was common to shorten the Mac Iver to Mc Iver with the little c raised.  Now McIver is the common spelling.  I often get asked if my name is the name like on the TV show “MacGuyver”.  I reply that I’m the real thing.  The actor, Richard Dean Anderson, who I think is absolutely fantastic, doesn’t know how to really do very many technical, scientific or mechanical things whereas I am very interested and adept at many of these things.

I would love to be much much more proficient as time goes on and perhaps I’ll share some of my findings and doings here.  I really am interested in the cutting edge or stuff on the verge of becoming viable for our species.  I really believe that if more people were of a single minded nature to share and build rather than hoard and destroy our collective intelligence would be raised to unimagined heights.

If you’re reading this then you’ve found my site.  Please feel free to comment on what you would like to have me share or dig up.  My wife tells me that I know more things about more things than anyone she has ever met.  I am easily attracted to other items of interest which causes me to delve in to far too many areas for the normal situation so I am definitely not normal.  I’m just learning how to use this blog.  Be back soon.

Greg McIver

© 2008 Gregory McIver

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