The Russians Aren’t Coming

26 11 2008

Remember the massive hysteria of the Russians taking us over at the height of the cold war? The nuclear threat (If you don’t recall history watch the movie “13 Days” for a great dramatic refresher), the fear of being converted from the USofA to the USSRofA (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of America).

What we feared is literally what we have become, The United Socialist Republics of America. We have been overtaken by our own greed and foolishness. Are there any states prepared for this recession? California – the most socialistic of the states cannot get loans to fund its deficit. Their Legislature can’t come to the two thirds majority required for financial measures.

They had proposed a package that would have tripled car license fees, cut funds for schools, healthcare, welfare and other services and would have increased income taxes on Californians earning more than $40,000. The new reverse governmental catch phrase is “Less is More”. You will get less from all governments and pay more taxes and fees.

If we want our economic system to survive we will have to eliminate the deficit and wipe out the debt. There should be no leader in any governmental position anywhere without that position.

I’ve said it for years. Social Security/Medicaid/Medicare/Welfare on the federal level must die! The federal government has overstepped their constitutional boundaries and the supreme court sanctioned congress to raid the treasury for anything it wanted and disassociate itself from the enumerated powers given to congress in the constitution. In 1983 I wrote a paper entitled “Social Insecurity” and warned of the impending doom to come. It’s almost here. Even though things are bad, they can get much much worse. See the previously posted video on Nov. 15th below to see why it is not a theory but a reality which will hit us harder than foreign enemy can. (If you want to see what one good congressman has tried to get through Enumerated Powers Act, John Shadegg )

Was it Abraham Lincoln or George Washington that said The United States will never be overcome by powers outside the country but could be by forces from within? I believe that economic statistics are simply a collective reflection of the desires, thoughts and actions of the whole population. When you collectively believe that there is no consequence for bad behavior, when politicians believe that debt is a good thing and the constitutional boundaries set up to curtail human nature (which by the way, never changes) are old fashioned an not meant for our sophisticated ways, your society is ripe for the picking.

Yesterday a leading Russian analyst said the economic turmoil in the United States confirmed his belief that the US will collapse and will be divided into separate parts. He predicted that the U.S. will break up into six parts – the Pacific coast, the South, Texas, the Atlantic coast, central states and the northern states. Drawn and quartered/sexpartited! Is that what we want for the US? Will Abraham Lincoln’s efforts to keep the country united die? If we don’t want this, we must act now. We must force our irresponsible leaders to do the fiscally and politically painful thing, slash sacred cows.

The Senior Citizens must realize that what they’ve been promised will not, cannot happen. Everyone says, “Not In My Backyard!!!” until it’s in everyone’s backyard. The medicare/medicaid and all other forms of welfare must be radically cut or totally wiped out and given back to the individual, community and states where that responsibility lies. We must rely on the wisdom of the constitutional restrictions – those most important federal items of defense, federal courts, financial system and interstate commerce. Our leaders have made the federal system bloated, inefficient and all encompasing – exactly what our founders feared. Will we repeat the history of Rome and Greece? There are a few leaders that see but they are few and far between.

When other nations refuse to buy our bonds and want to cash in the ones they’ve got, what are we going to do?

The Russians Aren’t Coming To Rescue. They’re coming to the Auction. Perhaps they will forgive some of our debt in exchange for Alaska! Perhaps China will do the same for the West Coast. Europe may accept the East coast. Anyone for the central states? What’s my offer for Texas, the man from the Middle East with the highest bid!?

Wake up America! What will happen to the good old USA? It’s up to us.

P.S. A historical reminder :

‘I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.’
Thomas Jefferson 1802


Conquer The World

21 11 2008

If you conquer the world – Then What?

To me, it has always been weird that someone would want to conquer the world. Take over this, take over that, for what? “I want to have the most property and toys before I die because ….. ” Forget it! That is so 1900’s. Unfortunately, there are still real and substantial villains that subscribe to that backward syphilitic thinking.

I would love to do as Henry David Thoreau did for two years and abandon modern life and survive off my own efforts and the land (for the most part). He still went into town and socialized a bit, but for the most part he observed and learned from the world around him and was profoundly changed. Of course I would hate not having the internet which brings me to my point today.

I prefer to use small ways to make a big positive impact. The biggest little way to affect people is with education. You know – feed a man a fish versus teaching how to fish.

Now, imagine what life would be like without the internet, a library, school, mentors, teachers, books etc. Pretty dismal. There is a project who’s goal is to provide little kids all around the world an opportunity we take for granted.

I lived in Boston for a while. I enviously walked by MIT a few times and felt the intellectual resonance bursting from the campus. “Let me in there” I yearned. Alas, I was not smart enough to be a student there but the desire never diminished. I now can virtually attend some of MIT’s courses online for free. Awesome!

Here’s the reall point today. You may have heard about this program started by the MIT professor, Nicholas Negroponte. ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD. Their goal is one laptop for every child in the world. “These kids are our mission, not our market.” However, the big boys on the computer block have already started trying to undercut and wipe him out. He’s cutting into their “market” of world domination with low or no cost effectiveness.

Imagine what windows are opened to a child that had nothing before and the gets the whole world presented through the internet. Talk about conquering the world! I’m a weirdo. I would literally get thrilled every time I walked into a library and searched for something new. I still do but not as intensely because of the wonderful invention of Al Gore’s (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

This is my pitch – if you want to get and give an everlasting thrill by doing something very small yet very huge, visit this site.

If you choose to participate you will liberate the world, one child at a time. We all can conquer together.

You Must Watch This Now!

15 11 2008

This video says more than I can say right now.

Watch it and take action. Be Prepared!

The Death Of A Salesman

11 11 2008

Over the weekend Lewis Ranieri’s Bank, Franklin Bank Corp. was taken over by the FDIC. What does this mean?

The Death Of A Salesman!

Mr Ranieri is credited with inventing those famous financial instruments, mortgage-backed securities (AKA Collateralized Mortgage Obligation – CMO). These were seen as a great money maker. I hate to say the phrase but it was a great way to put lipstick on a pig. It’s still a pig. The problem is that these CMO’s or mortgages were bundled together and sold on Wall Street as bonds. The buyers couldn’t see what was in the package. Many of these CMO’s didn’t package up the pig, just the crap (Sub-prime mortgages, loans with zero % down etc.) We’re still opening up some of those bundles and boy are they ripe! (See my post “The Market” October 24, 2008)

This year 19 banks have failed which is more than all of the last 5 years combined. We have one and two thirds of a month to go.

General Motors will be bankrupt by the end of the year if there is not a bailout. (“Who killed the electric car” for an eye opening film of why GM is where they are I still have to make my own electric car or motorcycle, doable but a bit of a pain.)

Who is going to bail out the United States Taxpayer? One month before the Big Bailout the national debt that had hit the books was $9.2 Trillion (What’s a Billion or two among congressmen?). My projection for the year end national debt was over $11 Trillion without any bailouts tossed in. We’re on track to beat that because of the declining revenue going to the US Treasury. Last week the unemployment took an unpleasant jump to well over 6%. Instead of kicking cash in, they’ll be sucking cash out. If GM goes belly up the direct employees to loose their jobs will be over 100,000.

That’s the good news. Ready for the bad news? Here goes. Our leaders have promised so much to so many for so long that the UNFUNDED Medicaid, Social Security, Medicare, veterans’ pensions, and similar obligations put us collectively on the hook for $59.1 trillion (aren’t the estimates usually underestimated?), or $516,348 per household. That’s on top of the swelling deficit and debt.

The Baby Boomers are gonna start Booming into retirement in mass very shortly. As a country we’ve been behaving like an messy undisciplined fat man at a smorgasbord. Do we now have indigestion or is it more like diabetes or cancer?

Here is my video pick of the week. The debt at the time was 5 trillion (Warning, stop the video 15 seconds before the end to prevent hearing a distinguished congressman drop the F-Bomb). Laugh or cry, you pick.

This Stark guy is still in office. Here’s his distinguished web site.

We have too many in office with the same mentality. Pass the lipstick!

If the congressman’s logic follows we are about to come into the wealthiest period in US history. Just ask Lewis Ranieri how wealthy his bank feels after this weekend.

P.S. Just in case you think I’m being a little dire, this was posted 11-10-08 on CNBC. USA lose its ‘AAA’ rating?

You Win !!!

4 11 2008

Now That You’re The President of the United States of America

What are your priorities?

Focus Pocus!

1 11 2008

McIver, the true spelling!

I love the show MacGuyver but I laughed really hard at the last goofy portrayal of MacGuyver on SNL’s MacGruber and his lethal lack of focus.  Watch this video on NBC’s site and laugh your head off then come back.  The first two are the best.

Are you as easily distracted and impulsive as I am?  To tell you the truth I love so many things about so many things that focus is the biggest challenge in life.

For example, I love music and play the cello but love the guitar and drums and pretty much any musical instrument.  Throughout my life I have focused the most time and effort on the cello and I still play pretty well.

Over the next few months I will post some of the things I have been focusing on.  I’ve started a business with a few fantastic guys.  One is a successful computer programmer and businessman, another is a great IT professional and businessman, the other is a Merlin like wizard of a programmer with some tricks up his sleeve that will be ready in a few months to a couple years – really can’t quantify when that delivery will take place.  I am confident that one of the projects will change the way we use computers.

I’ve also been researching alternative energy for years and am doing some experimenting.  Not going to show anything yet until the tests are done.

The other item is having a chlorine free pool or spa.  I have some video of my little fishies in my pool since October 15th.  I haven’t fed them anything except bread which they don’t seem to care for.  They are apparently surviving on bugs and debris that make there way into the pool.  My test of no chlorine started in May and made it through the hot summer OK.  I’ll tell more about that later.  Got to go and do some tech support.

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