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30 12 2008

Pay close attention to this post. This is going to rock your world. Star Trek here we come!

I love science. When I was taking chemistry and physics I was constantly amazed at how many things in the real world didn’t fit into the accepted scientific model. For example, normal carbon has 12 protons and 12 neutrons. Abnormal carbon 13 has an extra neutron. The model says that heat should flow through the material at a certain rate. The real world was 100 times that when cabon 13 was used to make a diamond. Physicists have a nice bald spot because they have not stopped scratching their head on that and thousands of other “ANOMALIES”. There really are no anomalies – we simply don’t understand reality that well much of the time.

Here is a recent developement that will impact our technological lives. A research team led by Princeton University has discovered a new type of double-beam laser that is not explained by existing theories. The findings were most unexpected and have now proven the second laser beam is actually more powerful and more efficient than the primary. Right now these lasers are projected to be used in medical diagnostic, environmental monitoring and homeland security. Normally this is the tip of the iceberg.

Now here’s an elephant coming into the room. If this company goes mainstream will alter the world in so many ways. Electricity available at 1-2 cents per kilowatt? They’ve already got a contract with a New Mexico company. The theory Dr. Randall Mills has refined and put into practical application doesn’t make many physicists and chemists comfortable. He is shunned by many but is highly credentialed. His company is Blacklight Power, Inc. I’ve spoken to a couple people there over the last couple of years. They have been criticized as “magic” and “snake oil” peddlers. I think snake oil has had a bum rap anyway. It has the aroma of chicken. If you study the details in Dr. Mills book (free download) you will see the potential. It is written for a scientist/mathematician so be prepared for 1781 pages. Listen to the audio press releases etc. If you are a material scientist and don’t have the software, you are missing out.

The truth comes only to those who prepare for and seek it.


Can Al Gore Handle The Truth?

20 12 2008

Years ago I made the acquaintance of Dr. Sherwood Idso. This man has spent his life getting his PhD. and conducting research for decades on the relationship between carbon dioxide and the environment. Dr. Idso was called a liar point blank by Albert Gore when Dr. Idso was called before Congress about his global warming research and that Dr Idso was bought out by oil and coal interests. What Dr. Idso had to say didn’t fit into Al Gore’s money making scheme and power grab.

Just listen to Chad Meyers on CNN for a minute.

As I’ve said for years the most substantial force in global warming is the Sun! The fluctuations of solar radiation are more influential than any other. The earth needs a much higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere to be optimal for plants. Talk to any horticulturist.

To try and get a picture of how a small fluctuation in the massive sun can affect our environment on earth here’s a rough visualization.

Imagine a regular sized marble.  That’s the earth. Imagine a large ball 4.5 feet tall, about chest high to a 6 foot tall person.  That’s the Sun.  Place the ball about 160 yards away, a little more than 1 1/2 football fields. That’s the scale of the distance of the earth from the sun.  Our little marble is absorbing a tiny amount of the suns energy which makes all life possible.  The amount of energy falling on the earth is so huge to us but is so small in comparison to the total amount generated. If the sun’s massive powerhouse fluctuates at all, we feel it drastically.

Just recently NASA officially recognized the magnetic portal from the sun to the earth.

Make sure the Cap and Trade bill does not go through ever.  It’s a rip off.  Certain people who seek to gain vast wealth from it will keep trying to push it through in a different form for years.  Keep alert on that.

Oops I Did It Again

17 12 2008

The Fed has done it again. They’ve dropped the interest rates so low that the law of unintended consequences will kick in again. December 16th the Federal Reserve Board dropped the interest rate to historical lows. The stock market rallied, the dollar fell and Congress is spending as fast as a bat out of hell!

After the 2001 9-11 attacks, the reverberations sent shock waves through the stock market and the economy. The Fed wanted to prevent a spiraling deflation and spur the economy. Of course at the same time, irresponsible lending, 125% loan to value loans, zero down and low or no qualifying loans and highly leveraged deals were fueled by the unrestricted, ungoverned exuberance. I know of a man that bought 17 homes at the peak of the market. He stimulated the market like heroin stimulates the central nervous system.

What are going to be the unintended consequences of this next round of reactionary policy? Instead of letting balance be achieved through typical cycles, the Federal Reserve seems to be over-reacting giving momentum to the pendulum swing, giving the comeback more power in the other direction.

There are two major economic reactions from here – inflation and deflation. Nobody wins with either but inflation is more desirable for governmental powers because bonds would have to be paid back with lower valued dollars. Paul Volker has been chosen by President Elect Obama (I will never call him Mr. Obama as was the favorite term of much of the media for President Bush. I respect our country too much to be so petty). Paul Volker, if you were around then, was the Federal Reserve Chairman under Carter and Regan that reigned in inflation by hiking the interest rate to around 20% at one time.

If we have our interest rate jacked up that high this time our national debt will literally eat us alive. If we don’t raise the interest rate, no one will buy our debt and China and the other owners of the debt may want to cash it in.

If deflation kicks in……well, it’s a mixed bag. The value of the dollar goes up because the prices of goods and services fall. The Fed would basically have to reel in the money supply or institutions become very conservative and don’t use the cash and credit they have. The latter is the case right now. They simply don’t want to be burned again. Like a spurned lover, they want to wait a while. The Fed however doesn’t want a stagnation effect to kick in. They’re trying to create a rebound romance ASAP. If the velocity of the money exchange goes to a standstill, everyone loses. Prices, wages, value could all fall but the debt still owed maintains its size. The deflation example of a homeowner would be a $200,000 home is purchased with a $50,000 per year salary. The value of the home drops to $75,000 and wages then drop to $25,000 per year. The debt stays the same and the payments cannot be made. If this happens to the country overall, our economy would cease like an Chevy’s engine running with no oil.

Here’s the problem as I see it. We are doing so many things in the name of crisis management without allowing the normal consequences to kick in. We’re trying to put out a fire with gasoline.

© 2008 Gregory McIver

Constitutional Charmin

12 12 2008

The Associated Press reporter riding on Air Force One was advised by the Bush Administration that letting the auto makers fail would be irresponsible in these economic times.  The Republican loser Mitt Romney (One of the best business turn around wizards on the planet) said in a New York Times Op-Ed piece “If GM, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed.”

One Question, “Does the Constitution play any roll in our government besides that of toilet paper?”

The Congress is the only governmental body authorized in the constitution to tax and spend. This is why bills have to be passed to continue funding war efforts, etc. The Executive Branch is not allowed to take money assigned for one thing and use it for another. In the real world it’s called “misappropriation of funds” or others may say “stealing”. I suppose if GM, Ford and Chrysler convert their business operations to strictly that of a bank or financial institution then they can get all the money they want. I suppose we could use automobiles as currency.

The Federal Reserve has loaned $2 Trillion to entities they refuse to identify. No transparency there. With Constitutional safeguards out the window and a financial system run amok, what can one person do?

As I’ve stated in previous posts, we can’t deny the inevitable correction of our bad behavior as a society. If the financial behavior of individuals, businesses and governments are not corrected with sound economic behaviors, no amount of stimulus will fix the problem. It’s like giving caffeine to a crack addict. Let’s put ourselves and our country on a healthy diet instead of pumping up here and pumping up there. If you don’t let things fail, here is a small sample of what you get:

In 2001-2002 when our Congress was dealing with “How to stimulate our economy” High School kids in Kansas learned that there is no consequence for cheating. “It probably sounds twisted, but I would say that in this day and age, cheating is almost not wrong. Because it’s any way that you can get an advantage,” says an anonymous 17-year-old senior who has an almost perfect (Dang it I didn’t cheat enough) grade-point average. He spoke only if his name was not used. He is now at least 23 and cheating his way through life. Wonder if he running for Governor somewhere?

You can’t blame the mentally ill Illinois governor for cheating either. He follows a long line in the snake pit of Illinois politics. When you remove one snake, another slithers right back in. He was just trying to follow the advice of the Kansas high school 17-year-old by “Any way that you can get an advantage!” Steven Covey advises us to have personal and family constitutions. Wise words to live by. If however our constitution is made by or used by unscrupulous person or persons, of what use is it? Please pass the Charmin! (no commercial consideration received for that plug).

P.S. According to a USA Today survey, 67% of potential car buyers would consider buying GM, even if it entered bankruptcy. The newspaper’s poll (in conjunction with Gallup) contradicts the data we hear from congressional Democrats sounding alarm daily that 80% of their respondents (must be union bosses) said they wouldn’t buy from a bankrupt auto company.

© 2008 Gregory McIver

Run Your Very Own Sweatshop!

4 12 2008
Hurry! Today and Today Only!!! You too can have your very own sweatshop! Be your own Boss, your own third world dictator, your own off-plantation plantation owner, your own sweatshop jefe (boss). Why wait until you are the CEO of a large multinational corporation to exploit the masses. Get your own piece of mass right now but hurry, these inequitable exploitative conditions may not last. Why hire illegals in your own country when you can hire legally for less around the world. Oppression knows no boundaries.

But Wait! If you act right now, you get this bonus. You won’t have to pay for holiday pay, workers compensation, or even health insurance. Sound exciting? But wait, there’s more. No pensions, no unions, no disability accommodations, no lawsuits for overtime or harassment. Did I mention brothers and sisters?! You can have the whole family! And as an extra bonus, if you don’t like anything at all you don’t even have to pay them, just cut off the payment and they’re done! Can they sue you with the little pay they get?

Sound ridiculous? It’s true. You literally can outsource your life and do like multinationals do. I got an email the other day from a wonderfully intelligent marketer that was bragging about hiring an articulate, nevermind here’s the quote:

“[During the holidays]…my business was still running smoothly in the background. Why? Because I have a team of folks working behind the scenes for me – basically growing my little empire. What’s even more interesting and surprising about outsourcing is that you can find workers for DIRT CHEAP (I recently hired someone who speaks perfect English for $1/hr).”

I sent her a response: “Hi Betty (name changed), I love your work, the information you provide and think you are brilliant. I have a thought. The articulate competent person you have hired for $1 per hour, wouldn’t it make their day, week, year if you doubled, tripled or even quadrupled their wages? Wouldn’t you still be getting a bargain at below minimum wage? Isn’t your time still worth way more that $4/hour?”

She replied back something like, “Thanks Greg, The $1/hour is just a provisional wage, of course I’ll give them a raise as time goes on.” I didn’t save the response because I didn’t think I would be writing about it. I don’t condemn her. I simply think that it’s time for things to change. Where’s the leadership? I and you are the leadership. Remember the US Army’s slogan for a time, “An Army of One.” The US Army recognizes the power that one person has.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain and am guilty of negotiating for lower prices. My wife even shops at Wal-Mart. Human nature is to get the best deal possible. The difference comes when the rules are imbalanced causing the costs of labor for one hour of ditch digging or the value of a banana in different countries to be so drastically different. I’m for success in business and capitalism. I’m not for predatory capitalism and I subscribe to the principle that all men are created equal. The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness should be on a level playing field. Watch these clips and you’ll see a little clearer how our personal economic decisions can have drastic unseen affects on others. Yeah, it is my problem.

I’m not promoting or denouncing any particular company or label here. There are solutions if we care to dig in and make changes personally and collectively.

“Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”
~ Thomas Jefferson

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