Just say Hell No!

7 02 2009

Our leaders passed the stimulus package. You know how I feel from the last few posts. Stimulation from a position of debt is like paying a mortgage payment with a high interest credit card. When the high interest rates come, the devastation will be horrific.

“Kids, Don’t Let Your Congressmen Do Stimulus!”
“Mamma’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Congressmen!”

Our leaders are addicted to stimulus, to debt! If the effects were visible each congressman would have open facial sores, missing teeth – just like most stimulus addicts. Unfortunately the blemishes show later on the whole country.

They used to be limited by the constitution but a supreme court did away with those protections and said “Sky’s the Limit Boys.” Have we reached the sky yet?

The prophets of the economy have issued their warnings long ago. Our leaders are choosing to ignore the warnings.

A little perspective on the $780-$830 Billion.

I was going to list all the countries who’s total annual GDP is less than $830 Billion but I gave up. The list is way too long at over 170.

What’s the only good reason to buy on debt – something that is holding or appreciating in value. So here is my proposal:

With that $800 Billion in debt we could buy many of those 170 smaller countries in preparation for the massive exodus when this country goes to hell. We would then own the countries as a safe haven as the United States would become unstable. So let’s buy something of value with our debt instead of throwing it down a rat hole.

Greg McIver


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