AARP is Destroying America

27 03 2009

My Grandma was my favorite person in the world when I was growing up. Most of us love our grandparents. Soon our country will have the largest percentage of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s in its history.

The “I Want it All” crowd is pushing into the retirement years. I’m at the tail end of that Baby Booming Generation where we could have it all and do it all.

We’re now pushing into retirement then pushing up daisies. What will be our legacy? What will we leave to the next generations? The way it’s going we will leave a scorched country, a dis-united states of America, bankruptcy for our children and grandchildren. Yes, there are a few that will profit and gain no matter what the landscape but the masses, the poor fun seeking pain and discomfort avoiding masses will be left to wonder, “Why Me?”

I say it’s AARP.

Ask any congressman what the noisiest group of constituents is – Senior citizens. They vote the most, have the most money and are very opinionated. What is the biggest gang leader of the Elderly class? AARP!

AARP is the biggest of big political bullies in the world. They have as their constituency some of the crankiest, greediest individuals on the planet. Do not get me wrong. I love my mother and father who are already in that age bracket and I love my dear departed grandparents, we all do except those who have been or could be on Dr. Phil. Nothing wrong there, just get’er done.

What I’m talking about here is the absolutely individualistic greed of every single person on the planet. Everyone wants something for nothing. If it’s free it’s good is a motto we all live by to some degree. I keep hearing many people say “I worked all my life for Social Security and now I’m entitled to every cent.”

The truth is that most people have paid in very little in comparison to what they will pull out.

Our founding fathers understood that we are greedy by nature and that is why they carved into our operating document, our corporate bylaws, the rules to keep everyone out of everyone else’s pockets.

The founders built in Enumerate Powers to Congress. For a hundred plus years that was the rule. However the Supreme Court supremely screwed up and opened up the till to anything Congress wanted to spend all our money on. As evidenced by most of the ridiculous earmarks and other major legislation.

Under the old rules, congress couldn’t take money out of a citizens pocket and into another citizens pocket unless if fell into one of the enumerated powers in the constitution. There is so much being done that simply doesn’t fit into those guidelines.

Under the old rules some of the programs that would be out of business are: Welfare, Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare and a whole host of departments and programs.

AARP has been the most vocal force to scare Congress from taking necessary action. The powerful marketing they do to their members is awesome. It’s one large greed fest. When Congress looked at changing the cost of living adjustment to more realistic number from an inflated formula, the screams and threats were loud.

We have difficult decisions to make through our representatives and I see at least at this point AARP being obstructionistic instead of helpful. If they follow their past behavior our legislative, executive and judicial system will be weighed down with grumpy old men and women screaming, whining and moaning about their plight.

If we want our country saved from itself, we must change now: cut spending, raise taxes – yes, even Ronald Regan did it, and become a fiscally responsible nation.

We can pass a law that in peace time – ZERO DEFICIT and pay down the debt with a fixed amount each year to get to a zero balance by a certain date and keep it there.

$500 to $600 billion per year in interest alone is what we will be obligating this year (we’re not paying it).

To put that in perspective – What could that buy US? 3 MILLION homes – at a value of $200,000 each. You can get a pretty nice home for that amount now.

So, We The People are obligating to pay out 3 Million homes every year on interest alone.

We’ve got some serious sweat equity coming.


Will This Happen To Our President?

25 03 2009

You’re about to see one of the most eloquent orations of the condition and mindset of our modern politicians. This happens to be across the pond in England. Dan Hannan ( may have perhaps fired the first revolutionary shot heard around the world. Will it be enough to kill the fiscally irresponsible beasts? Do we have the collective courage to do the hard right thing?

In the following years there will be taxes raised – Guaranteed. Benefits will be cut – Guaranteed. LOUD SCREAMING from people and politicians – Guaranteed.

The big sacred cows of Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security retirement/disability will be gored – Guaranteed. Will there be anyone in power courageous enough to lead the charge?

Is it too radical to call for our Federal Government to have a Zero Deficit Policy along with a Mandatory Debt Reduction plan? We’ve mortgaged our children’s future so we might as well set up an Amortization Schedule.

Remember, Socialism and Communism will never work unless you’re at the top of the organization. Never has, never will. Milton Friedman says it so well.

We The People

21 03 2009

If you agree with at least 90% of this video, follow the simple directions at the end and send an email to all those of like mind.

I’m Feeling A Little Hyper

19 03 2009

Hyperactivity relates to an innapropriate amount of unwanted activity. When I growing up, my little across the street neighbor was diagnosed with Hyperactive Disorder. That was long before ADD, ADHD but was the same thing. My sisters and my brother played with him but it was torture sometimes because he was so annoying and non-stop. His young life was met with an accident on the neighborhood street that I’m sure was directly related to his Hyperactivity. It was a great loss and a tremendous shock to all the neighborhood.

I tell you that to tell you this. We are in a pickle. Our leadership – blame whoever you want or all of them – has refused to do the difficult yet necessary budget tightening and benefit denying. The Federal Reserve and Treasury have solidified Hyper inflation.

Yesterday they locked in the devaluation of the dollar across the board. If you follow international currency exchanges at all, every single other currency gained value against the dollar substantially in hours.

Let’s pretend we live on an island. For simplicity there are 100 of us on the island. Our government has issued one dollar for each of us on the island to make it easy for us to exchange goods and services. Our government in one day issues another dollar for everyone. Did that make us more wealthy? Did we have anymore coconuts? Nope just more paper. Now that there is double the cash, what do we do with it? We buy more coconuts with it. Prices go up when the cash hits the general market and population.

People off the island said, “They just made up some more of their money so I’m going to charge more for my stuff for their money”

The amount of money creation is directly related to the devaluation of the currency or the raising of prices using that currency.

Love him or hate him, here’s a little treat from Glenn Beck

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