$63.8 Trillion?

29 05 2009

How many times has a government estimate ever been accurate?  Say our representatives and bureaucrats in the government estimate the cost of a bridge for $200 million.  What are the odds that the bridge will cost $200 million.  What are the odds the project will be under budget?  What are the odds the bridge will modestly exceed or drastically exceed $200 million.

USA Today reported today that federal government liabilities, from Treasury bonds, Medicaid, Medicare, military pensions,  etc., the total owed is a record $63.8 trillion.  This is all money that we’ve promised to pay.  It doesn’t have to be paid right now but it does have to be paid under current law.  At any time we could change the law and cut off the cash outflow.  No one receive in money is for that.  The treasury bonds are alredy spent and must be paid back unless we want to stiff ourselves and the world – not a healthy option.

The numbers are mind boggling.  I had to whip out my BIG calculator for that many zeros.  To break it down 63.8 trillion is approximately $216,000 for every man, woman and child in the country (aprox 300 million).

If every household has 4 people in it the total for each household owed is $864,000.   In my family of five, 2 parents and three kids, we owe a whopping $1,080,000.  I’m the only one working right now.  Right now my US dollar net worth is way less than zero.  What’s your household worth?

Now, back to the original point.  How many times are government numbers way off?  Multiplying the origional number is usually more accurate.  If it’s double, my household owes $2,160,000 for our governmental promises.  I’ve got to make a lot more than I do now.

As it sits right now if the giveaway programs and excesses are not reduced or eliminated, we as a country will be in the same boat as GM.  Are we writing checks with our words which our deeds can’t cash.

Ironic that a bankrupt company is being taken over by a bankrupt government.


Flatulators Against Ridiculous Targeting

19 05 2009


A new group has been formed,  Flatulators Against Ridiculous Targeting (FART) who’s goal is to raise awareness of the potential persecution of those who flatulate more than average. “It’s like a breath of fresh air” says founder F. Art Egest. “The coming together of concerned individuals may be able to cut off the potential abuse from those who feel that their gas doesn’t stink.”

Global Warming advocates have been going after cattle and have hinted that the next target should be humans.

Handling publicity for the new group, Gaston Rippington says that they joined forces to reduce the increased pressure toward those who produce and release methane (pass gas) naturally. “When you look at it objectively, the earth itself does far more flatulating than  cow or humankind. We just want to cut off any potential for abuse here. Farting is natural, it’s good, it feels good and some methane doesn’t have any odor whatsoever. Who doesn’t want to let her rip sometimes. It’s natural to cut the cheese. People who are trying to blame global warming on us, I say – If you can’t stand the heat get off of the planet.  What are we supposed to do, hold our gas or starve to death? Pulease, come on.  Who are we kidding? What are we going to shove a meeter in everyone’s orifice, establish the departments of Gassius Emissions? Don’t we have enough Gas Bags in charge already?”

One new group to join FART is Mexican Bean Growers Association. They are worried about regulations targeting their customers. Speaking for the Mexican group, Julio Egasious says, “People just got to do what they got to do. People should be eating more beans, not less.  You got to feel good.  This whole thing’s just a bunch of hot air.” Commenting on the economic impact, “If legitimate bean producers are forced to cut back, illegal growers will fill the crack and make a lot of noise. You don’t want a black market, you just don’t.  Promise.”

Obese people, vegetarians and those who eat beans are increasingly under pressure to scale back their intake of gassious emitting food.

A major spokesman for planet earth, Albert Gore commented from an undisclosed resteraunt about the new group formation, “Listen, we all know that passing gas can be a pleasurable experience.  You know the more you toot the better you feel. But at some point we’ve got to put a cork in it. When I was a legislator I worked on legislation addressing excess methane in America.  Unfortunately, the Republicans stopped gas bills passing.  Had they passed I believe we would be in less of a stink.  Anything that can be done to reduce people from eating and farting is just a win win for the planet.

“I have also formed a coalition to address the human methane impact as well, Federalists Against The Protection of Intestinal Gasification (FATPIG). We have been in contact with FART and hope they will work with FATPIG to release some of the undue pressure.  Now, I would really love to finish my dinner?”

Anyone wanting to contact FART can email GetOutOfMyColon.org

Social Insecurity

16 05 2009

What makes America great?


Looking for a Handout?

Is that the reason we’re united – to get as much from the other guy as possible? Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, TARP, Chrysler & GM, Tax Rebates, and Tax Refunds, Treasury Bonds, overextended credit.

Without the shuffle, the hustle, the shell game, our commerce would have much less Busy Ness.  Why shuffle?

A man was sitting on the toilet.  After he was done with his business, a nickle slipped out of his pocket and fell into the toilet.  He thought for a moment, reached in and threw more coins into the fouled water.  His wife saw him throwing money into the toilet.  Shocked she asked, “Honey, why are you throwing good money in the toilet?”  “Well sweetheart, I dropped a nickle in there so I need to make it worth my while.”

The Social Security Administration is morally bankrupt in its concept. Its execution ensures its own demise and anything attached to it. We need to perform a radical Social Security-ectomy. Get rid of it now. Put the people on welfare who need it but only on a local level. Sorry Mom and Dad. I’ll have to help you here locally. Get rid of Medicaid and Medicare and all other Federal welfare programs. We must get serious.

The Federal Government has no business playing the role of the Church, the Charity, the God of every living and dead citizen. Congress has passed laws establishing a Federal religion.   Faith in the Federal to provide from cradle to grave is the doctrine.  Individual and local responsibility is what makes everyone rise to their potential.

The Federal governments primary role is to provide protection from enemies without and within, and facilitate commerce between the states and other countries. It is not designed to be and do everything. Read the constitution and you will see that we are far from it.

We are Socially Insecure right now. If we do not make serious, substantive action now, we are in for a world of hurt.

The Great American Handouts are coming to an end.  Let’s choose how we end them before we’re forced to in a much more unpleasant way.

Danger Will Robinson

7 05 2009

My financial warning robot has told me that the inflationary pressures have started.

The United States Government is upside down. In housing or auto financing that means that the US Government owes more than it’s worth. The sale of Treasury bonds at auction today was weak. That means the Treasury in concert with the Federal Reserve will coordinate interest rate hikes to finance the bond sales. If no one buys them Congress and the President can’t spend. They of course haven’t been on a pay as you go basis for a long time and show no intention to do so.  The Fed Chairman Bernanke says that won’t happen at least for a few years.  Has he been candid and accurate all the time?  Things have changed in the financial quickly at times but not without symptoms or warnings.

Will there be any real leadership to guide through the murky and dangerous upside down waters? Will the populace be courageous enough to make hard choices before the really hard times are on them? History says no. Can history be changed?  The average American household is now responsible for over $600,000 of the National Debt.  There is no way around that without undesirable choices.  Do nothing and circumstances choose for us with compounded consequences.  Remove a sliver before infection.  Treat infection before it spreads.  Amputate before death.

There are debt counselors that hold celebrations when a client gets 100% out of debt.  The way our monetary system is designed the United States will never get out of debt.  There will always be some level of slavery to every American until that is changed.

Below you will see a historic image of what President Lincoln did that some claim got him killed. He created the Greenback – an independent monetary system that took out the bankers from primary controlling and manipulating monetary supply and policy. Is anyone bold enough to do so today? Wicked men have and do kill for money, power and lust. Are there enough righteous left with enough courage to do the right thing?


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