Do You Know What You Are Eating?

28 08 2009

I’ve studied Bio-Engineering and the resulting Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO).  Most of the population does not know what is going on and what’s going in them.  Profits at all costs is what Monsanto and other large corporations have as their motto.

You need to watch these videos and get more books to understand how things can be so much better.  A great site for excellent information is  Watch these videos.  Be prepared to be shocked.

Here is the link for the full documentary. Pay no attention to the advertisements, probably bad for you.

This video below is and interview with the the documetary maker.


May He Rest In Peace as well as His Policies

26 08 2009

I lived in the Boston area many moons ago.  I went on the Freedom Trail, an awesome experience.  It starts in Boston Commons, a little grassy park in the middle of the downtown concrete jungle of Boston.  A little booth at the time led me down a painted red stripe on the sidewalk which turned into red bricks and back and forth all the way through the historic parts of old Boston, Paul Revere’s house, the Old North Church – one if by land, two if by sea (or is it the other way around?), Bunker/Breeds hill and the USS Constitution, Old Ironsides at the end of the trail.

I then went as a squeaky behind the ears young adult lad to the Kennedy Presidential library.  I admired the display of his heroic events on the PT-109 boat and mused a bit over the desk he used as President.  I read the statement of his father Joseph Kennedy that goes something like, “It’s not the money a man’s made but the family he’s raised.”

I left the library feeling good about my experience and chose to share my experience the next morning with a respected older man that I worked with at the time.  I fully expected a statement of congratulations in observing a great statement.  I instead was shocked and surprised at his reaction.  He launched into a bitter attack on Joseph Kennedy’s character as having helped fuel mobsterism and civil discord during the prohibition era.  I had no idea that bootlegging and running illegal operations is how the Kennedy’s came up with their nest egg.  What a surprise.

That was my innocent introduction to a more intimate understanding of the Kennedy family.  President Kennedy was assassinated when I was a baby or toddler.  I really wish that had never happened.

Edward (Ted) Kennedy is to be honored for his good.  The bad will hopefully be forgiven and forgotten.

I do hope that with Ted Kennedy’s passing that his ideals for a full USA Socialistic health care system also passes with him and not in  Congress.

Ted Kennedy took a large roll in pushing Medicaid/Medicare upon the USA like a drug dealer pushes some free cocaine on a new user.  That way the user is hooked and wants more and will do whatever they can to get it.  Forget about consequences, they’ve got to have it now.

The unfunded liability of Medicaid/Medicare is burying the USA and we don’t even realize it.  $700 Billion this year and climbing.  It is the largest item in the budget, more than Social Security, Interest on the debt, or Defense Department.  The baby boomers will become baby beggars soon and the till and well will be dry.  I’m at the end or just out of the Boomer Generation depending on who you talk to.  Forget about it you Gen X’ers there’s none left for you either.

I’m all for true Socialism – people freely giving anything and everything if they so choose to who, what where or how they choose.

No hard feelings Ted.  Rest in Peace.

Is it Racist to call someone a Racist?

26 08 2009

My two cents about Glenn Beck and the attacks on his TV/radio show.

Glenn Beck’s pocketbook is under a boycott attack by a group that doesn’t like that Glenn said President Barak Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.” then responding to a clarifying question said, “I’m not saying he doesn’t like white people. I’m saying he has a problem.  This guy is, I believe, a racist.”

Personally I don’t believe anyone can eliminate 100% prejudicial bias from their perspective because of their perspective.  If you are a 100% ethnicity or 50-50 or like me a 25-25 10-10-10-5-5-5-3-2 or something like that, you just can’t get away from your rose colored glasses (no pun intended).

My ancestors fought with some of my other ancestors which is probably why I hate myself sometimes.

I’ve empathized with my black friends who tell me of their experiences being pulled over by cops who say and do things that are obviously prejudicially motivated.  I hate that.  I however as a white man in America have been pulled over by white cops who said some rude and demeaning things to me but I wasn’t about to get uppity with them and have them pull a Rodney King on me.

I don’t like to fight because no matter who wins everyone loses at least a little bit.  Sometimes you have to but those instances are extremely rare and most of the time can be avoided.

Was it stupid for Obama to say the Cambridge police acted stupidly?  Yes.  Has he said things that appear to be racist?  Yes.  Has he associated closely with some who appear to be racist?  Yes.  Was Professor Gates reacting as a jaded black man fighting against “The Man?”  Looks like it.  Did Mr. Gates have any alcohol on the plane?  Too many questions.

A talk show host talks for a living.  What was his purpose to call the President a racist?  Ratings or strong belief?

It is not racist to call someone a racist.  Some people just are, no doubt about it.  Perhaps we should let some people just think that they are not racist, even if they are, to have more civility.

Ronald Reagan said it best

14 08 2009

In 1961 a private citizen Ronald Reagan spoke out against socialized medicine.   Who could say it better?

We’ve already set the precedent of socialized medicine with Medicare / Medicaid.  Abolish it.  We’re not a totally stupid nation are we?.  There are solutions to get a free country.  Communism and Socialism are not the answers.

Foul – Out of Bounds!

11 08 2009

This is government:  To govern = To keep under control; restrain = To control the speed or magnitude of; regulate = To control the actions or behavior of.

Would you like the government to run the NBA?  I see the government as a Referee, Not a player, Not a coach, Not an owner or the league itself.  The government’s primary role is to prevent forces outside and inside our borders from destroying our freedom.  The current efforts of our government fly in the face of the model of freedom.

NBA Referee

Imagine this.  The referees take over everything, forcing out the existing owners, changing rules to promote ‘fairness’.  Dummy down, lowest common denominator, one size fits all.

All sorts of ridiculous potentials are possible, all of which do not promote the best players in the world playing the best basketball possible.

We need good referees, not referees taking over all aspects of the game.

I don’t believe the government has any business in any business except that of the courts, national defense, regulating interstate commerce, regulating money and providing the general role of referee.  We as Americans have become lazy and allowed self serving interests to pervert the cause of freedom.

When will we learn that communism, socialism, and fascism etc. stink?  Let Freedom Ring!  Our leaders need to take their rightful place.

Unhealthy Careless

7 08 2009

Health Care?

Ever been to any government run clinics, or facilities?  I haven’t been impressed.  We done have to wait to see what government run healthcare would be like.  States, counties and some Federal programs already exist.  We see evidence of  low quality and a high degree of apathy.  Many veterans struggle to get what they need and the layers of bureaucracy are stifling.  Ever drive by a government run road crew?  9 guys standing on their shovel handles and 1 guy digging.  I worked for a city parks department at one time.  I liked the guys but the motto was = Good enough for Government Work.  The other phrase was = In 100 years who will know the difference.  It simply is the attitude of centralized bureaucratic largess.

I’m not a Veteran but I hear the VA hospitals are usually riddled with problems. Poor quality care, apathy, corruption and no alternatives.

Choice and Accountability:

1.  Choice – Who has addressed the problem of where will the Canadians for their high quality care?  Mexico or Cuba?

2.  Accountability – Imagine trying to sue a doctor for amputating the wrong leg or leaving surgical equipment inside your body.  Ever try to sue the Federal Government?  Wait in line, fill out this form, no there’s no one that can do that, we’re all out of that.  What mechanism would be there to improve things?  A bureaucrat trying to fix another bureaucrat?  Think of all the government departments that you’ve dealt with.  How would you rate their quality.

On July 30, 1965 we let the camel’s nose in the tent – Medicaid and Medicare.  Our step to socialized/communized medicine started then.  Can the people get the government totally out of the business of health care?

Anyone remember Soylent Green?  It is a 1973 movie staged in New York City in the year 2022 staring Charlton Heston.

The Government has total control over every aspect of peoples lives. For example, deadly people mover crowd control tractors and other extreme measures are used  to control riots in the streets.

With food supplies running short a new food source, Soylent Green, has come to the rescue with the new food source.  Real food is outlawed and the black market prices for strawberry jam and other real foods items are astronomical.

Charlton Heston’s character seeks to find the origin of the new food source.  He follows his relative through the government run euthanasia center and discovers that “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!” Talk about recycling.

What will we do to ourselves next in the name of emergency?  Watch the full movie here and see what an all powerful Federal Government could be like – running our lives from birth to death.  How long will we allow those who govern our laws have us feed on ourselves?

It’s 1 hour and 36 minutes.

I Know That My Redeemer Lives

3 08 2009

I believe in Jesus Christ.  Here is a very nice video to remind me of who my role model is.  I hope you enjoy the this I found on Seth Adam Smith’s site.

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