The Whole World Can Be Healthy

15 10 2009

Imagine a world where there is no illness.  That would remove one reason for the politicians to fight over.  Sometimes I think they are fighting simply to polarize the population for sport and cash.

In my research I am finding that there are real answers, real secrets and real discoveries that are waiting for mass adoption.

I have found that what we eat is the foundation of who we and our grandchildren are.  I can’t cover the whole subject here but it is amazingly simple to accomplish real health.  Our genetics are changed by what we eat, think and do.

Do you realize that if you will have children in the future, what you eat today  affects not only your children’s DNA and epigenetics, but your grandchildren’s as well.

Our food supply is tainted and empty right now.  We need that fixed in very specific ways.  One researcher discovered that growing plants correctly with the full spectrum of minerals allowed cancerous mice and rats to drastically reduce their genetic tendencies.

Even more amazing, the children of those rodents were even healthier than the parents.  The DNA and epigenetics were changed by the food fed to them.

The control group got normal food, traditional agricultural food supply and their cancer rate/death rate was the expected fatal average.

Imagine what would happen to sick care insurance rates (health care is the wrong choice of words) if people didn’t get sick?  What would happen to government arguments if the problems went away?

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I will have another post in the future with much more information and some action items that you can take to make a huge difference in your own life and others as well.


Nobel Prize?

9 10 2009

Just before Obama was announced as the Nobe Peace Prize winner, Saturday Night Live powerfully and eloquently listed the achievements  for President Obama.

Click the image below and see the LOL truth.

What did he do to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

What did he do to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?

It’s the Debt Stupid!

6 10 2009

What gives a bank confidence enough to loan someone a wad of cash?  There are many factors but the three main factors are:

  1. Assets, liquid and hard
  2. Cash flow – ability to make keep obligations.
  3. Debt to income ratio.

The United Nations has now called for a new global reserve currency which has allowed the United States to build a huge trade deficit.  There are many implications for this action.

The old saying, “The Buck Stops Here!” is becoming a reality for the United States.  The US National Debt and Budget deficit, the national trade deficit, personal and business debt all are leading us to a crisis of catastrophic proportion.

The Buck spending must be drastically cut back before the Buck will stop on its own.  It will stop being of value.  It will stop being circulated.  It will stop providing a reason to trust the instrument.  It will stop the United States of America in its tracks.

Now, I wrote my senators Kyle and McCain both Republicans and asked them to vote against raising the debt ceiling later this year.  If we keep raising the ceiling Congress can keep spending and the problem deepens.

I got a response from Kyl’s aid that said he voted against the stimulus package and another big spending items but there was no commitment to stop raising the debt ceiling. So much for checks and balances in government.  It’s more like write the checks without balancing the check book.

If “We The People” in order to keep a union, press our Congressional representative in the House and Senate to NOT raise the ceiling, they will force themselves and the Executive branch to cut by default.  We cannot keep raising the debt ceiling.

As I said in my post Don’t Look At This, do we have the leadership that will do what it takes?  It doesn’t look like it right now.  When will it be too late?

When the US currency falls from grace, you will see a disruption of monumental proportions.  The Chinese, Japanese, Saudies, and other countries of the world will stop buying the Treasury Bonds to fund our ever increasing debt.  Our own people, pension funds, investment funds etc. will lose confidence in the long term stability of the dollar and stop buying the Treasury bills.

We will have increased interest rates and our creditors will come calling.  Our current spend-oholic days will be over and the balance sheets will be very bloody.  We won’t be able to sell our debt.  Nobody will be buying.  We will also have to repay our obligations.

$12 Trillion at least right now is the total debt we owe.  Some items haven’t been posted but the checks have been written.  How much is $12 Trillion?  Let’s say we have 140 million working people in the US right now.  That is about $86,000 per working person.  Interest each month is about $360 at 5%.  Double that if it goes to 10%.  If you want to pay down on the principle of the debt say, $200 per month it would take 35 almost 36 years to pay off.

I didn’t include the current deficit spending.  We are not even paying our current government bills.  This year we overspent $1.8 Trillion dollars.  That’s another almost $1100 per month per working person, almost $13,000 per year per working person.

So, if we add this all up:  $360 interest plus $200 pay down on principle plus $1100 for current deficit spending, that equals $1660 per month every working person must pay to keep up and pay down the debt a little.  That is always a moving target but I hope you get the idea.

There are more people retiring at a greater rate so instead of helping pay current bills and reducing debt they will be pulling money out instead.  What are we going to do?  The crisis is real and the rest of the world sees it even if we refuse to.

We the people must DEMAND accountability from our representatives and ourselves.

All Federal welfare has to stop on every level and provide only the basics of a Federal Government as outlined in the constitution.  We are breaking the rules every day.  We violate and expect no consequence?  Let us wake up as a people and do the right thing, do the hard thing, do the American thing.

So, we can’t afford to borrow any more.  The Buck must Stop Here!  Our people and our land of freedom are our biggest asset, our cash flow represents our ingenuity and business but our debt to income is a serious problem that affects the first two.  Do it now or have it done to you worse later.

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