The Temperature is Rising on the Global Liars

30 11 2009

Anyone who has had faith in the religion of Global Warming must now repent and cast aside their folly.  Repent in sackcloth and ashes.  Be humble and seek forgiveness for the error of your ways.

There has been and is a systematic policy among these so called academics to steal money from the general population so they can steal more money.  It’s bad enough having a thief steal from your home.  They expect us to keep giving them the key to our home so they can rob us at will.

What an “Inconvenient Truth” for Prince Albert Gore to have the Truth Inconveniently revealed.

Raw data on Global Warming has been destroyed that would clearly show their manipulation of data .  Talk about a cover up.  Worse than “Tricky Dick Nixon”.  This is a gang of thieves that cannot be swept under the rug.

A full investigation of the UN crooks must be had.  We are supporting a criminal organization that is simply trying to fleece us.  They must be defrocked.




Lies Lies Lies Yeah – Global Warming

23 11 2009

Enjoy this classic and ask

“Who’s in Bed with Whom?”

The Liars have been caught red – or should I say “Warm” handed

The United Nations IPCC global scientific group has been hacked and found to be cooking the books to influence policy makers around the world to buy into the global warming hoax.  The inner circle of conspirators stand to make a great deal of money if Cap and Trade etc. goes through.  This includes Nancy Pelosi’s family, Prince Albert Gore and many other Decepticons.

An article in the New American:

Global warming alarmists are scrambling to save face after hackers stole hundreds of incriminating e-mails from a British university and published them on the Internet.

The messages were pirated from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia (UEA) and reveal correspondence between British and American researchers engaged in fraudulent reporting of data to favor their own climate change agenda. UEA officials confirmed one of their servers was hacked, and several of the scientists involved admitted the authenticity of the messages, according to the New York Times

Climatologist Patrick J. Michaels, “This is not a smoking gun, this is a mushroom cloud.” The e-mails implicate scores of researchers, most of whom are associated with the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an organization many skeptics believe was created exclusively to provide evidence of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

Scientific liars?  It seems there is a scientific liars club, a Dead Scientist Society if you will.

Scientists are to be trusted as truth seekers.  This is worse than Enron, Worldcom, MCI, Merril Lynch, Fannie & Freddie Mac all put together because the costs would be far greater for far longer if we allow the liars to shove the “Crap and Trade” and other false science based laws down our throats.

Even Science Czar John Holdren involved in “Climategate”.

These researchers are worse than politicians.  Scientists are supposed to be smarter.  We’ve come to expect politicians to lie.  Just watch the Sunday political shows to see a fresh pack.  Of course there are some honorable politicians but they are in the minority.

I would like to see the Nobel Peace Prize Yanked from Prince Albert Gore.  Tell a lie long enough and people will believe it – UNTIL THE TRUTH COMES OUT!

Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma is leading the charge for a full blown investigation of “Climategate”.  Folks, this is huge.

Warming Liars found in New Zealand!

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The Great Salmon Deception

14 11 2009

I’m mad!

Did you know that farmed salmon is not pink? When they are fed the unnatural diet on a fish farm, the farmed salmon flesh is gray, not pink.  Normally, wild salmon are eating krill, shrimp and other ocean creatures that contain healthy compounds that naturally make the flesh of salmon pink.

Farmed salmon are fed dye to stain their flesh pink.  Reminds me of the movie Dune. Studies show that farmed salmon is not healthy to eat like wild salmon is.  Farmed salmon is high in Omega-6  fatty acids (the bad kind) and low in the healthy Omega 3’s.  They are loaded with antibiotics, PCB’s and other garbage.  The fish are kept in very unnatural conditions and are fed a cheap unnatural diet for what?  Why?  You’ve got it – dirty, greedy cash.  Gain for a few at the expense of everyone else.

If that weren’t bad enough the farmed salmon are destroying the wild stock with disease, parasites and genetic perversion as the wild accidentally come in contact with the farmed.

The other thing is that farmed salmon aren’t always listed as farmed salmon.  If you go to a nice restaurant, unless they specifically tell you that you are getting wild salmon, you are probably getting farmed.

Grocery stores and restaurants have been guilty of not identifying “Stained Salmon” from a farm.  Law suits have been filed but cash seems to speak louder than what’s right.

The large multinational corporations and others are currently committing genocide against the wild stock.

If you value nature and your health, do not eat farmed salmon.   Do not be deceived!  Ask.  Put the pirates out of business!

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It’s Just a Trillion

9 11 2009

What’s the big deal?  It’s just a trillion dollars to do the health care, or stimulus, or bailout, etc. etc.  We’re already in over our heads by 12 trillion right now sow what’s the big deal about another Trillion?

It was a big deal when the Federal Deficit and the Federal Budget cracked a Trillion back in the late 80’s.  It’s emotionally less of a big deal now isn’t it?

As I’ve said in previous posts, spending estimates for a new program are almost always extremely under estimated on purpose so the bills will pass.

Senators will vote soon on whether to raise the debt ceiling.  Is it a foregone conclusion that they will raise the debt limit for ‘We The People’?  Do they automatically have to vote yes?

If they vote no, what would happen?  We would automatically be forced to live within our means as a country.  Drastic cuts would have to happen.  The House of Representatives would be forced to slash and burn vast swatches of the budget.  The other option would be to default on our loans, our treasury bills and tell the holders of the notes to take a flying leap.  Our credit rating as a nation would be in the toilet and no one would loan the US any cash.

Does your Senator have the courage to do the tough job and vote no on the debt ceiling?  Do they have real courage so that our out of control House and Executive branch will do its job and only spend within our means?  The Senate was designed to be a wise protection group.  Do they have the will?

The only thing we little people can do is to call and write our Senators and Representatives and go to their town halls and tell them to say no to the increase of the debt ceiling and start cutting our spending now not down the road!

Put the Congressional Credit card back in the wallet or have it taken away.  Do we want to be the land of the free or the home of the enslaved?

The National Debt as of November 2009 is over $12 Trillion.

The average price of a home in the US is $175,000.  How many homes can you buy with $12 Trillion?

OVER 68 million homes!

Look at this graph and ask yourself, “How Long Can This Continue?”

US Federal Spending out of control

What goes up cannot keep going up

The graph is 4 years out of date because the 2010 US federal budget is over $3.60 trillion.

Call, write and visit your Congressional followers.  Perhaps someday we will have real leaders.

Watch this video and multiply by 12, 13, 14…. or whatever our debt will be.

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