How to Recondition a Motorcycle Lead Acid Battery

19 12 2009

A couple months ago, my Real MacGyver kicked in.

My motorcycle battery was dead.  It was 2 years old but I didn’t want to buy a new battery.  My wife says I’m a cheap bastard – with love.

I did my homework.  The information following is general and should be done with gloves, eye protection, adult supervision etc.

Clean off the external of the battery so when you take off the acid tank cover, nothing will fall in.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness right?

Balance the acid level out among all the lead/acid cells to around 60-75% full.  There must be sufficient room to add the cleaning/recharging liquid. I carefully tipped the battery and poured out excess from full cells into a clean glass bowl.  Do not use plastic just to be sure.

I then took my clean turkey baster and evened out the low battery cells with the full ones.

Next I took the distilled water and boiled it to 150 degrees with the Epsom salts in.  For a small motorcycle battery I made excess – 1 pint of distilled water with 2 1/2 tablespoons of Epsom salts (5 tablespoons for a quart if you’re doing a large battery).  My wife was scared to let me use the kitchen thermometer thinking my concoction would hurt her thermometer but I reminded her that I rubbed her feet in Epsom salts – “Oh, I guess it’ll be alright”.  Us Real Macgyvers scare our wives sometimes.  That’s why the TV MacGyver was single.

Fill the cells to the level line with the nice hot liquid and seal them up.

Now, I didn’t have a battery trickle charger except for the car size.  Don’t use that large of a charger on the small battery unless you want to some nice sparks and trip the charger.

If you don’t have a charger like I didn’t, jump start the cycle and drive it for at least 15 minutes to let those hot Magnesium Sulfate ions scub the lead plates clean.

I drove it to work and after work it started right up and has been working great for a couple months.  This should last for a while.  I understand you can do this up to 5 times.  I may test a method beyond this that would theoretically let you have your battery for a very long time, until the lead plates dissolve or the terminals or housing fail.  For now, there’s a cheap way to get up to 5 times more value out of your battery.

Items needed:

  • Battery to be reconditioned
  • Clean ventilated working area
  • Large glass bowel
  • Distilled water
  • Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts – cheap at grocery or pharmacy)
  • Clean stainless pan to boil with
  • Liquid thermometer – any kind that reads accurately at 150 degrees
  • Turkey baster or some liquid injector
  • Goggles and gloves

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Obama May Declare Carbon Di-Oxide a Dangerous Pollutant

7 12 2009

The Truth Be Damned – Full Speed Ahead!

That seems to be what the Obama administration is doing regarding Global Warming.  After the recent fraudulent cooking of the Global Warming Books, the EPA acting under the guidance of President Obama may declare Carbon Di-Oxide a dangerous pollutant and start self creating rules and regulations on businesses in the US.

A big ship like the US Government needs a leader that has the ability to take decisive and correct action.  Ignore the warnings and you’ll get Titanic results.

The warnings of the Global Warming scam have been raised and yet the Obama administration seems to be blind to the fact of questionable data, lying scientists, deceitful profiteers in the name of saving our planet.  What’s new?

What’s old is the seeming willful ignoring of valid facts that we’ve been systematically lied to for a long time about Global Warming.

Note to Obama Administration, “When you’re headed for a cliff DO NOT “Put the pedal to the metal”.

If Obama allows the EPA to declare Carbon Di-Oxide a dangerous pollutant, he might as well go out and buy a big red nose, a big multi-colored rainbow wig, big floppy shoes and join Barnum and Baily’s Big Top.


You’ve Got To Be Kidding

3 12 2009

If I didn’t read it for myself, I would think someone is pulling a massive pre April Fools gag.

Regarding the Global Warming scientists emails being retrieved and distributed to the world, Barbara Boxer said the fraud exposers should be treated as criminals.

CRIMINALS?  They should be treated as Heroes!  Boxer has showed her true colors.

Boxer, the top liberal Democrat on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said that the Climategate e-mail exposure should be treated as a crime.

Were it not for the clandestine files being hacked, we would not have been shown the truth, that many so called scientists consistently fudge the numbers for Global Warming.

I’m pinching myself.  She said WHAT?  The people who exposed these intellectual and political charlatans should be HERO’s.

Prince Albert Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize should be yanked and given to the real “Inconvenient Truth” Exposers.

The height of idiotic arrogance and purposeful ignorance of Barbara Boxer is shocking.

Face the music Barb – Your Ox Has Been Gored – Al Gored!  Grow up and accept your latest power and money grab ain’t gonna fly.  You should be arranging a federal holiday, “The Day Global Warming Died” to coincide with Thanksgiving so we could all thank God for honest hackers.

Word to Barb – those emails were supposed to have been disclosed previously.  If you want some criminals – there you go – or you could look in the mirror!


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