Michael Jonathan McIver

18 02 2010

Sadness is today.

I never knew that tears could leave an acidic irritation on skin until today.  They slightly sting as the continual channel burns.

I found out just before noon today that my kid brother, Michael Jonathan McIver left his family living in the flesh to join his family that has already passed on.  To anyone that knows him, they would tell you that his heart was large, warm and soft for many people and things.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with him recently.  I was helping him with things I could and was thrilled to help.

I thank God that I was able to tell him I loved him and was able to give him several hugs.  It’s just not enough though.

Why?  I start to ask and stop myself.  Even if I get the answers, it doesn’t bring him back to me.  I miss my brother.

I love you Michael, always have and always will.

In Memory of Michael McIver

We love you Michael.




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