Giving Thanks

25 11 2010

I'm Thankful ForWhat am I thankful for?

I am thankful for the many blessings offered by The Almighty in preserving my life and providing a Land Of The Free where I am truly free to choose. I am Thankful for all facets of what Jesus Christ was, is, and is to be in our lives.

An exercise our family has done in the past is to go around the Thanksgiving table while each person has a chance to say one thing we are grateful for and keep going around.  The first time we did it I thought the young children would run out of things as we went round and round the table, but time after time I was surprised at the level of their thankfulness or gratitude.  They were very thankful for simple little things that most adults take for granted.  It really is the simple little things that make a difference.

I read a scripture that changed the way I think about everything.  The Lord is quoted as saying, “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things.”

The day after I emphatically shared this with my family, a disaster struck.  Panic started to spread through my mind and heart like a plague until my amazing wife kindly reminded me of the words of the Lord, “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things.”

I immediately said a prayer in my mind and heart thanking God for this event that on the surface was not good.  Over the next two weeks, it turned out to be a blessing instead of a curse.  It doesn’t matter what the disaster was because they happen all the time, small and large.  The technique God has commanded us to use works every time.  Guaranteed or your money back.  No need to go to some expensive guru that may end up killing you in a sweat lodge either.  God’s commands are free and work every time.

I have to work today on this Thanksgiving and cannot spend the whole day with my family.  Rather than be bitter and resentful, I am thankful that I must work.  Miracles happen through thankfulness and gratitude.

I am grateful to have a job that helps me provide for goods and services to others that I may provide for my family, especially in this time when many are suffering from unemployment or underemployment.

I am thankful that the greater percentages of Americans are employed.

I am Thankful for or that I can:

  • Think grand visions with the hope of achieving them.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Do as I wish according to my thoughts.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Speak my mind and desires plainly and publicly.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Worship, serve and thank The Almighty God and seek truth as I feel.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Seek happiness in whatever way seems best to me.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Choose my friends, associations, employment, recreation, pastimes, and education as I would like.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Choose and influence my governmental leaders to represent my interests and concerns.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Travel without restriction.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Learn what I would like in the most amazing ways I had never imagined.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Create and share my creations worldwide.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Laugh, love and play in an infinite number of ways.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Freedom for my wife that she is allowed to be and do what she wants to.  How many billion women cannot?
  • Food to eat.
  • A place to live.
  • Many charitable people and organizations to help the less fortunate.
  • This goes on and on …..

The United States of America is the greatest land of freedom in the world.  Not all of our people have been educated to, believed in, and acted according to the Divine Founding Principles that many take for granted.  How many billion people are yearning for what many Americans don’t realize?

I am thankful for the founding fathers and mothers.  I thank George Washington for instituting the day as Holy in his Thanksgiving Declaration in 1789. I thank Abraham Lincoln for making this day an official Holy Day for the United States in 1863 at the height of the Civil War.

What makes my life truly worthwhile is my family.  I have an amazing wife, wonderful children, good parents and brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.  I am thankful for all things.

If you have not read CHARTER 08, please do so.  Click on this link.


China’s Greatest Peace Loving Freedom Writer, Liu Xiaobo

18 11 2010

Would you be willing to die for this?

In 2008, Liu Xiaobo and about 350 Chinese citizens signed Charter 08.  It seeks reforms in China to foster freedom and cease deadly repression.  For his efforts he was arrested along with other signers.  He is serving an 11 year term.  He was awarded and deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.  His wife has been under house arrest since his arrest.  His family has been questioned and is closely monitored.  The Communist Party is seeking to kill all knowledge of Charter 08.

Where do you think he and the brave 350 who signed this document got the ideas.  He was willing to sacrifice his life in the hopes that freedom breaks out.  What are we doing as a country about this travesty of justice and freedom, shopping at Walmart?

What would you do if you knew you may be arrested or killed if you signed a document like this.  Here are the main principles of Charter 08.  Does it look familiar to you?

Charter 08

Thus, in the spirit of responsible and constructive citizens, we put forth the following specific positions regarding various aspects of state administration, citizens’ rights and interests, and social development:

1. Constitutional Amendment: Based on the aforementioned values and concepts, amend the Constitution, deleting clauses in the current Constitution that are not in conformity with the principle that sovereignty resides in the people, so that the Constitution can truly become a document that guarantees human rights and allows for the exercise of public power, and become the enforceable supreme law that no individual, group, or party can violate, establishing the foundation of the legal authority for democratizing China.

2. Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances: Construct a modern government that separates powers and maintains checks and balances among them, that guarantees the separation of legislative, judicial, and executive powers. Establish the principle of statutory administration and responsible government to prevent excessive expansion of executive power; government should be responsible to taxpayers; establish the system of separation of powers and checks and balances between the central and local governments; the central power must be clearly defined and mandated by the Constitution, and
the localities must exercise full autonomy.

3. Legislative Democracy: Legislative bodies at all levels should be created through direct elections; maintain the principle of fairness and justice in making law; and implement legislative democracy.

4. Judicial Independence: The judiciary should transcend partisanship, be free from any interference, exercise judicial independence, and guarantee judicial fairness; it should establish a constitutional court and a system to investigate violations of the Constitution, and uphold the authority of the Constitution. Abolish as soon as possible the Party’s Committees of Political and Legislative Affairs at all levels that seriously endanger the country’s rule of law. Prevent private use of public instruments.

5. Public Use of Public Instruments: Bring the armed forces under state control. Military personnel should render loyalty to the Constitution and to the country. Political party organizations should withdraw from the armed forces; raise the professional standards of the armed forces. All public employees including the police should maintain political neutrality. Abolish discrimination in hiring of public employees based on party affiliation; there should be equality in hiring regardless of party affiliation.

6. Human Rights Guarantees: Guarantee human rights in earnest; protect human dignity. Set up a Commission on Human Rights, responsible to the highest organ of popular will, to prevent government abuse of public authority and violations of human rights, and, especially, to guarantee the personal freedom of citizens. No one shall suffer illegal arrest, detention, subpoena, interrogation, or punishment. Abolish the Reeducation-Through-Labor system.

7. Election of Public Officials: Fully implement the system of democratic elections to realize equal voting rights based on “one person, one vote.” Systematically and gradually implement direct elections of administrative heads at all levels. Regular elections based on free competition and citizen participation in elections for legal public office are inalienable basic human rights.

8. Urban-Rural Equality: Abolish the current urban-rural two-tier household registration system to realize the constitutional right of equality before the law for all citizens and guarantee the citizens’ right to move freely.

9. Freedom of Association: Guarantee citizens’ right to freedom of association. Change the current system of registration upon approval for community groups to a system of record-keeping. Lift the ban on political parties. Regulate party activities according to the Constitution and law; abolish the privilege of one-party monopoly on power; establish the principles of freedom of activities of political parties and fair competition for political parties; normalize and legally regulate party politics.

10. Freedom of Assembly: Freedoms to peacefully assemble, march, demonstrate, and express [opinions] are citizens’ fundamental freedoms stipulated by the Constitution; they should not be subject to illegal interference and unconstitutional restrictions by the ruling party and the government.

11. Freedom of Expression: Realize the freedom of speech, freedom to publish, and academic freedom; guarantee the citizens’ right to know and right to supervise [public institutions]. Enact a “News Law” and a “Publishing Law,” lift the ban on reporting, repeal the “crime of inciting subversion of state power” clause in the current Criminal Law, and put an end to punishing speech as a crime.

12. Freedom of Religion: Guarantee freedom of religion and freedom of belief, and implement separation of religion and state so that activities involving religion and faith are not subjected to government interference. Examine and repeal administrative statutes, administrative rules, and local statutes that restrict or deprive citizens of religious freedom; ban management of religious activities by administrative legislation. Abolish the system that requires that religious groups (and including places of worship) obtain prior approval of their legal status in order to register, and replace it with a system of record-keeping that requires no scrutiny.

13. Civic Education: Abolish political education and political examinations that are heavy on ideology and serve the one-party rule. Popularize civic education based on universal values and civil rights, establish civic consciousness, and advocate civic virtues that serve society.

14. Property Protection: Establish and protect private property rights, and implement a system based on a free and open market economy; guarantee entrepreneurial freedom, and eliminate administrative monopolies; set up a Committee for the Management of State-Owned Property, responsible to the highest organ of popular will; launch reform of property rights in a legal and orderly fashion, and clarify the ownership of property rights and those responsible; launch a new land movement, advance land privatization, and guarantee in earnest the land property rights of citizens, particularly the farmers.

15. Fiscal Reform: Democratize public finances and guarantee taxpayers’ rights. Set up the structure and operational mechanism of a public finance system with clearly defined authority and responsibilities, and establish a rational and effective system of decentralized financial authority among various levels of government; carry out a major reform of the tax system, so as to reduce tax rates, simplify the tax system, and equalize the tax burden. Administrative departments may not increase taxes or create new taxes at will without sanction by society obtained through a public elective process and resolution by organs of popular will. Pass property rights reform to diversify and introduce competition mechanisms into the market; lower the threshold for entry into the financial field and create conditions for the development of privately-owned financial enterprises, and fully energize the financial system.

16. Social Security: Establish a social security system that covers all citizens and provides them with basic security in education, medical care, care for the elderly, and employment.

17. Environmental Protection: Protect the ecological environment, promote sustainable development, and take responsibility for future generations and all humanity; clarify and impose the appropriate responsibilities that state and government officials at all levels must take to this end; promote participation and oversight by civil society groups in environmental protection.

18. Federal Republic: Take part in maintaining regional peace and development with an attitude of equality and fairness, and create an image of a responsible great power. Protect the free systems of Hong Kong and Macau .On the premise of freedom and democracy, seek a reconciliation plan for the mainland and Taiwan through equal negotiations and cooperative interaction. Wisely explore possible paths and institutional blueprints for the common prosperity of all ethnic groups, and establish the Federal Republic of China under the framework of a democractic and constitutional government.

19. Transitional Justice: Restore the reputation of and give state compensation to individuals, as well as their families, who suffered political persecution during past political movements; release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience; release all people convicted for their beliefs; establish a Commission for Truth Investigation to find the truth of historical events, determine responsibility, and uphold justice; seek social reconciliation on this foundation.

IV. Conclusion

China, as a great nation of the world, one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, and a member of the Human Rights Council, ought to make its own contribution to peace for humankind and progress in human rights. Regrettably, however, of all the great nations of the world today, China alone still clings to an authoritarian way of life and has, as a result, created an unbroken nchain of human rights disasters and social crises, held back the development of the Chinese people, and hindered the progress of human civilization. This situation must change! We cannot put off political democratization reforms any longer. Therefore, in the civic spirit of daring to take action, we are issuing Charter 08. We hope that all Chinese citizens who share this sense of crisis, responsibility, and mission, whether officials or common people and regardless of social background, will put aside our differences to seek common ground and come to take an active part in this citizens’ movement, to promote the great transformation of Chinese society together, so that we can soon establish a free, democratic, and constitutional nation, fulfilling the aspirations and dreams that our countrymen have been pursuing tirelessly for more than a hundred years.

Below is more of the document.

Charter 08

This Is Exactly What Ben Bernake And Tim Geithner Said They Would Not Do!

16 11 2010

You have to be kidding me!  The “Quantitative Easing 2” is supposed to ‘HELP’ America.

This video is made so simple that you’ll want to laugh then cry.

Why would Ben Bernake and Tim Geitner BOTH lie and say they would never do this?

Farmed Salmon Deception

1 11 2010

Warning, after reading this page and watching the video’s you may feel the strong urge to take action.  Do not proceed unless you are prepared to be uncomfortable.

When I lived in Anchorage Alaska almost 20 years ago, I took my two little kids to Campbell Creek park, a quaint little playground with a creek running through it.  It was beautiful and my kids had fun.  We stood on the little wooden bridge and gazed into the flowing water.  I was surprised to see King salmon that had swam all the way up and spawned in Campbell Creek.  I had never seen a wild salmon until then.

My friend Rick caught a big king salmon and shared it with my family. A lot has changed since then.

Here’s the current problem that didn’t exist back then.

  • Farmed salmon is actually bad for us, REALLY BAD in many ways!
  • The farmed salmon is fed poorly and pumped full of antibiotics and all sorts of cheap garbage food.
  • Sea lice attach the weaker fish and are the lice attack to wild run salmon that swim by.
  • Genetic modifications done to the farm stock escape and are mixing and altering the wild run salmon.
  • The fish farmers feed the diseased and altered farmed fish fed fish dye that stains the meat pink to fool you.
  • Most wholesale and retail outlets do not label the salmon as farmed or wild caught.
  • Most legislators don’t know or care about the issue.

It used to be that eating salmon was a no brainer.  Now, it depends on the salmon.  You can’t just go to a restaurant or grocery store and know if you’re getting healthy salmon these days.  There is a lawsuit going right now that is suing large chains for fictitiously selling farmed salmon as healthy salmon.

Come to find out, salmon is naturally pink because of what they eat.  There are certain krill and other ocean critters that contain very beneficial compounds and those compounds turn the salmon’s flesh pink.

Farmed salmon is not pink.   It’s gray.  The artificial fish growers feed them a dye to stain the fish pink.  I had no idea the deception was that great.  The results of several studies show that eating farmed salmon are high in toxins and pesticides of all kinds, high in Omega-6 and low in Omega-3 fatty acids (unhealthy balance) and can be harmful instead of beneficial.

I have been fooled.  When I went to my favorite restaurant recently and ordered salmon, I thought I was doing the healthy thing.

Now, I speak to the manager, write down their name and ask if it is wild or farmed salmon.  If they are not 100% sure, I don’t order the salmon. It’s all about accountability.

Most wild ocean run canned salmon is better for you than fresh pesticized, antibioticized, genetically modified farmed salmon.  There is a problems here also.

Liars in the marketplace?

Greenpeace Salmon Retailers Report,

More reading problems

The Truth About Islam In About Three Minutes

1 11 2010

Here is the best mini-course on Islam in less than 3 and a half minutes.

You’ve probably heard that Islam is the religion of peace right?  The followup question is, “What is the definition of Islamic Peace?”  If you’re a Muslim that knows the Koran and Islamic history, you know the real definition.

“Islam is submission”

What kind of submission?

After watching the clip, here are 2 links to websites that will provide further information. Are we like sheep leading ourselves to the slaughter.

These folks are deadly serious.

Act For America

Stop Sharia Now

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