A little About Greg

I’m very average in most things. I’m average height, average weight – maybe 5-10 pounds lighter that the charts say is the norm. My math teachers name was Norm and he was the Mean one.  I was at the bottom of the top third of my High School class, mainly because I was very lazy in College Prep English.  I would rather have fun talking with Mary Jane and Vince than doing my self guided directed.  My claim to fame was that I was runner up for Best Actor by my High School drama teacher.  I love to have a great time but want to help save the world.

At work the other day, my boss Charlene asked my fellow co-worker Lawrence if there was anything she could get him.  He rapidly and with no emotion replied, “World Peace.”  Like most world leaders, she’s a little hard of hearing.  Missing his stealth humor she made no reply at all.

The real solution to world peace is to allow freedom of though, expression, action, and property ownership.  Thomas Jefferson in the first drafts stated that our unalienable rights include life, liberty and the pursuit of property.  He edited it for the broader goal of happiness.  People who are denied ownership or stewardship of real estate are denied the opportunity to live fully.  Freedom to think and do according to conscience is the only way to achieve peace unless the whole society is corrupt, then all bets are off.

I love truth, liberty, justice, freedom, salvation, salivation, the future, the past, the gift of the present, science, fiction, thought and meditation, energy, health, love, nature, creation, and all things that are good, great or fantastic. I like to help little old ladies cross the street that want the help. I like to tear clocks apart to see what makes them tick.

I love my family, friends, learning, music, theatre, aeroponics, astronomy, cello, guitar, electric cars and motorcycles, emergency preparedness, energy efficiency, environmental issues, farming, gardening, greenhousing, hiking, hydroponics, infomercials, invention, minerals, motorcycle riding, movies, music composition, pond and stream building, self reliance, solar and wind electric systems, acting and more.

This is one of the items that I love to play with.


2 responses

23 09 2010

Hi, nice to meet you !

16 10 2010

You are the coolest guy i know. And the smartest! (: i love you!

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