How To Be Healthy

4 09 2012

Do you want to be healthy?  Who doesn’t?

My fathers mother, God bless her dear departed soul, was short and to the point in very effective ways.  I was complaining to her about an issue that my young mind was concerned about at the time, I don’t recall what it was, but I told her, “Grandma, I wish that _______________.”

With a dramatic pause and an intense stare for 3 to 5 seconds said, “Wish in one hand and spit in the other.”

I forgot what that particular issue was but I never forgot her words.

What that has meant to me ever since then is if I wish, complain, fuss, fret or generally stew in my own juices about something, I get nowhere.  If I get busy and do something, then my wishes will materialize.

Why do I tell this story in relation to the title of being healthy?

It was prompted by this article Organic Food not healthier for you?

What is amazing is that industry hacks are ALWAYS propagandizing for their cause and not necessarily OURS.  They by nature have their self interest in mind and our interest ARE NOT very often their number one priority.

Pay attention to the subtleties of life in your body and in your environment.  Be the master of yourself, not the slave.  You will always be in the drivers seat unless you relinquish your power.

The secret of good health is simple.  Pray and meditate daily, eat and drink the BEST ingredients to feed yourself and your micro-organisms, work doing something you feel good about, have fun, and most importantly – love.  The last ingredient is vital – pay attention and act instead of being acted upon.

The industry hacks who say that organic produce may not be healthy for you neither know what true organic produce is or what true health is so how can they quantify?

The term Organic is a loose term referring to food that is supposed to be more free of pesticides and other contaminants and full of nutrition.  Many “Organic” are failing on both accounts so technically, the article is correct.

However, the article seems to be leading us to conclude that eating better foods is not better for us and we can simply relax our guard and eat whatever we want without implication.  Eat, drink and be merry on conventionally produced foods for tomorrow we die.  I say that doing so will cause the grim reaper to harvest much sooner than designed.

I say, grow your own food with the fullest nutritional potential, drink the best water, breathe the best air, have the best friends, learn the best information, believe and do truth.

As humans it has been established that we have the capacity to live at least 120 years of age.  It was stated in Genesis long ago and more recently established by scientists such as Michael D. West in his book, “The Immortal Cell.” that our DNA is designed to replicate for us to live around the age of 120 years.  We have telomeres on the end of our DNA strands and every replication a little snippet of the telomeres is cut off.  The cell will not replicate after that and expiration is rapid when the cell’s life has ended.

The problem is that we end up giving up the ghost 40 to 60 or more years prematurely.  What are the reasons for that?  If we are not killed by a semi-truck or other tragic events, we give in to degenerative diseases or our organs don’t self replicate properly because of the improper internal and external cellular environment.

The details are multiple and varied but the essence is that if we provide our cells the right environment to function and replicate properly our lives will be drastically healthier and longer.

Remember, wish in one hand and spit in the other.


Radical Gardening

27 09 2011

My wife says I’m crazy.  I know I am.  I’m going to be a crazy radical gardener and more.

I remember when I was 4 years old working in the backyard garden with my family in New Zealand.

My parents didn’t know a thing about gardening and I wanted to help.  I grabbed a shovel and started digging.

At one point, I wanted to go deeper into the soil but didn’t have a body large enough to jump onto the shovel like my dad.  I wanted to go really deep into the dirt so I lifted the shovel up as high as I could and brought it down onto my right big toe.

My parents rushed me to a doctor to make sure there was no long-term damage.  The toe was fine after a few weeks.

My mother tells me I would always go out and ride on the tractor with the agricultural missionaries and play in the mud and dirt at every moment.

Before we left New Zealand, I planted some apple seeds.  I was about 5 years old and didn’t realize we were leaving the country soon so I didn’t get a chance to see the fruits of my labors.

In Arizona my father tried to grow a garden and didn’t know anything about growing in a harsh environment and stuck to trees and grass.

I had my biggest success in Oregon.  On the side of a hill I had a terraced strawberry patch, a traditional garden and some old fruit trees in the orchard.  Love fresh Bing cherries right off the tree.  In the summer we got a large salad bowl of strawberries every day.

I now live in Texas, north of Dallas.  Not the easiest growing environment.  It could be worse.  I have the bug to grow and produce as much as possible on our property.

Watch this video below and tell me if you would like to do something like what is on the video.  I plan on incorporating fish and ocean water into the mix at my place.  This is truly radical environmentalism.

Do You Know What You Are Eating?

28 08 2009

I’ve studied Bio-Engineering and the resulting Genetic Modified Organisms (GMO).  Most of the population does not know what is going on and what’s going in them.  Profits at all costs is what Monsanto and other large corporations have as their motto.

You need to watch these videos and get more books to understand how things can be so much better.  A great site for excellent information is  Watch these videos.  Be prepared to be shocked.

Here is the link for the full documentary. Pay no attention to the advertisements, probably bad for you.

This video below is and interview with the the documetary maker.

Garden of Eden

5 04 2009

My hope one day is that the earth will be as lush and productive as the Garden of Eden. I believe it was a real place, not a mythical biblical allegory of our hopes and dreams.

One thing I have found out through my inquiring is that there are things missing in our lands.

I’ve read many books regarding trace minerals, health, gardening, agriculture etc. One book introduced to me by Acres USA, the best sustainable agriculture magazine on the planet, was about Dr. Maynard Murray and his research. His goal was to find the cure for cancer. He found much more.

He found the cure. He noticed that sea creatures for the most part didn’t get cancer. He determined that the cure is in eating food grown or raised on soil that has all the minerals available to them. This soil is not hyped up with ammonium nitrate fertilizers and poisoned by fertilizers either.

He hauled sea water to his property and grew grains, fruits and vegetables with diluted seawater. His neighbors were ready to sue him for property damage but their property benefited as well.

He then took two groups of mice used in cancer research. One group he fed the regular food. The other group he fed his produce grown on his property that had all trace minerals on it from the sea water.

The results floored him. The control group fed regular food developed cancer like normal. The other groups cancer rate dropped significantly – over 90%. He then took the survivors and had them produce baby mice and he fed the the next generation the mineral rich food. No cancer was evident in the next generation. Is genetic damage being repaired? He did other research confirming his initial results.

No other research like that has been done that I have found. Why? I guess there’s no money in it. It doesn’t pay.

My solution? Well, if I were President Obama I would issue executive orders banning pesticides and ammonium nitrate fertilizers and use sea water and other natural healthy methods to increase quality and production. The health care crisis would be virtually eliminated. You would truly be eating your health insurance. Right now we have a sick insurance system – not health.

Another book I read goes over the amazing qualities of good compost and how best to produce it. Another resource discusses charcoal enhancements. There is so much that can be done that is not.

Imagine a United States (world for that matter) that had the best food supply which would produce the healthiest people. When you’ve got your health you’ve got everything.

You can do this yourself. I purchased concentrated sea water and did experiments on my backyard garden and other items. My soil is lacking compost and is quite poor but has produced tomatoes, broccoli, wheat and other items. I neglected the garden severely. I also purchased rock dust that has a great spectrum of minerals in it which has been tested with great results as well.

Unfotunately modern agriculture isn’t designed with Hypocraties motto in mind, “Let your medicine be your food.” The large corporations don’t mean to harm, they simply have a focus on the bottom line above all else.

The world can be better and we can do it one garden at a time.

Feel free to leave me a comment or ask for resources. Happy to help if I can.

Greg’s Greens

4 04 2009

I am an experimenter. If I had all my days to tinker, test and make things better, exciting or fun that is what I would do.

For example, last year I experimented with wheat grass. I had learned that trace minerals were extremely good for you and found that wheat grass was the best method to get maximum usable minerals in you bloodstream. I used diluted seawater and the best wheat etc.

Healthy Trace Mineral Full Wheatgrass

Healthy Trace Mineral Full Wheatgrass

My buddy Steve was my test guinea pig. He has an immune system disorder. In the first 5 days parasites were trying to squirm out of his skin and left welts. His immune system was waking up.

The only problem is that drinking wheatgrass tastes like …. well, my lawnmower clippings. I couldn’t stomach it from day one and neither could Steve but we force fed ourselves until it was just too much. His health greatly improved but has to find much more palatable ways to get to goods down his throat.

Lesson learned – People will not eat or drink long term anything that doesn’t Taste Great (unless of course it gets you drunk).

Any questions or anything you’d like me to experiment or share past experiments on any subject “Make a Comment”

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