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1 02 2012

If you missed the MAJOR NEWS about Global Warming, this is it in a nut shell:

There is no manmade Global Warming!

No Manmade Global Warming

The Sky isn't Falling or Burning!

This news should have been announced on all the major and minor news channels recently but it has been missed almost entirely.  Data was released in January 2012 proving that since 1997 there has been no measurable increase of global temperatures.

A report recently released from the  East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, a.k.a. the UK Met, shows that the Earth has not warmed in 15 years.  After the substantial El Nino of 1998, the warming ceased.

Is this a big news item?

The weather models that predicted steady increase of global temperatures from the year 2000 until now have failed.  This should be major news and Albert Gore should be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize.

Is there a warranty on his products and profits gained from his Chicken Little approach?

Given the blazing data reported, ALL news media outlets should have been knocking down the door of every Global Warming Religion proselytizer demanding reactions to the true statistical data.

I’m reminded of the false prophet that last year who warned everyone of the end of the world.  The day came and went without incident.  The only disaster was to the poor gullible souls who invested in the farce.

The same should be the case with the prophets of the Global Warming Religion, with the chief High Priest Albert Gore, leaving the stage of public opinion in disgrace and shame.

As reported on the newsnet5 article Pal Brekke a senior adviser at the Norwegian Space Centre stated that many scientists underestimate the importance of oceanic water cycles when considering global temperatures.  “Doing so means admitting that the oceans – not CO2 – caused much of the global warming between 1970 and 1997,” Brekke said.

Now before you get comfortable with the lack of a scorched earth, the proponents of panic may go the other way again and claim that man is responsible for Global Cooling again.  “Please securely fasten your seat belts and put your tables in the upright position before takeoff!”


Can Al Gore Handle The Truth?

20 12 2008

Years ago I made the acquaintance of Dr. Sherwood Idso. This man has spent his life getting his PhD. and conducting research for decades on the relationship between carbon dioxide and the environment. Dr. Idso was called a liar point blank by Albert Gore when Dr. Idso was called before Congress about his global warming research and that Dr Idso was bought out by oil and coal interests. What Dr. Idso had to say didn’t fit into Al Gore’s money making scheme and power grab.

Just listen to Chad Meyers on CNN for a minute.

As I’ve said for years the most substantial force in global warming is the Sun! The fluctuations of solar radiation are more influential than any other. The earth needs a much higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere to be optimal for plants. Talk to any horticulturist.

To try and get a picture of how a small fluctuation in the massive sun can affect our environment on earth here’s a rough visualization.

Imagine a regular sized marble.  That’s the earth. Imagine a large ball 4.5 feet tall, about chest high to a 6 foot tall person.  That’s the Sun.  Place the ball about 160 yards away, a little more than 1 1/2 football fields. That’s the scale of the distance of the earth from the sun.  Our little marble is absorbing a tiny amount of the suns energy which makes all life possible.  The amount of energy falling on the earth is so huge to us but is so small in comparison to the total amount generated. If the sun’s massive powerhouse fluctuates at all, we feel it drastically.

Just recently NASA officially recognized the magnetic portal from the sun to the earth.

Make sure the Cap and Trade bill does not go through ever.  It’s a rip off.  Certain people who seek to gain vast wealth from it will keep trying to push it through in a different form for years.  Keep alert on that.

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