Teachers Unions Are Dumbing Down America

5 04 2011
Education In America

Which Way From Here?

As currently structured, the Teachers Unions should be banned from America.

I don’t like being upset.  I don’t like yelling at people but I feel like yelling right now.

There is no collective public good coming from these unions unless you think a fat, lazy and stupid American public is good.

I just watched the documentary, “Waiting For Superman.”

You must watch it and get mad enough to demand the Teacher Unions be reformed or banished for all time from a freedom loving society.  Have everyone you know watch the movie and get busy!

In a nutshell, we are being robbed by the teachers unions of America – the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).  They promote tenure which has no business in a productive society.  My father was a teacher and a member of the NEA and discouraged me from becoming a teacher with the current state of teaching in America.  Bad teachers cannot be fired after they get tenure.  Watch the movie and you’ll see

This movie shows very clearly that the teachers unions are the most powerful political force in America.  The are responsible for the dumbing down of America and its possible demise.

The Superman in the documentary is KIPP! – Knowledge Is Power Program – Charter Schools.  They are only serving 27,000 students currently.  The number needs to be 55 million.

If you want America to succeed, get every child you can to get into this Program to privately destroy the evil, greedy, lazy, unproductive, selfish lock the teachers unions have over our parents and children.

If you are a true philanthropist, donate to these schools, generate scholarship programs, fight to allow these charter schools to compete openly and honestly for our America’s educational funds.

The KIPP movement was established in 1994 and has been getting phenomenal results.  The teachers unions are threatened and are pushing KIPP and other effective programs around and sadly making inroads into what must become a national emergency priority.

Bill Gates is  in the documentary and says that if something isn’t done quickly, the USA will be lost.

Here is the movie trailer:


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