Word Up Obama

3 02 2010

Bad Economics Kill Economies!

Artificial manipulation in the short run kills stability in the long run.

People of the United States of America….Your current President has an unsustainable philosophy!  After reading this post, watch to video to see what philosophy he subscribes to.

Your only real power in the US government is to pester, pester, pester your Senators and Congressional Representatives.  That’s it.  Kill this new proposed budget by the Obama Administration if you disagree with it by being a Congressional Pest.  It is so bloated it’s reaks like a pack of swollen dead skunks on the side of the road.  A one year deficit of 1.56 Trillion at least.  If revenue doesn’t meet expectations then its worse.

The total budget is $3.8 Trillion.  So, 41% of the proposed budget is provided by hawking some Treasury bills to the pawn shop, selling out our country.  Our national debt will be over $14 trillion if approved.

Call your Congressional leaders to say no on your behalf to such an outrageous glut.

We are as a people participating in one of the seven deadly sins – GLUTTONY – “the over indulgence and over consumption of anything to the point of waste.”

We the people are wasted, intoxicated with self indulgent spending and it’s coming to the point of no return.  A reversal must happen drastically and quickly.  If the deficit is eliminated that’s a start, then work on the debt.  In the long run our country will be extremely strong when it doesn’t have to pay $500 billion (and growing) for interest per year.  At current projections it will be a trillion a year soon just for Congresses credit card interest.

Congress VOTE NO.  Protest the Obama Administration’s budget by burning your martini’s at lunch, slap your favorite lobbyist, wear t-shirts on the floor of the house and senate that says “Down with the Deficit and Debt!”

The new American Motto must be “Pay Down As You Go” not just pay as you go.  We individually and collectively must get out of debt, the new bondage.  We are soon to be worse off than we were under the rule of King George.

A Second American Revolution must take place – a revolution of thought and action.

To remedy our sorry situation means hard choices.

1.  Cut the spending radically.  A serious spendectomy will be painful but necessary.

2.  Zero tax cuts until the National Debt is substantially reduced.

I propose scrapping ALL Federal Welfare and unconstitutional expenditures! – Wipe out Medicare/Medicaid, eliminate Social Security (pay back all that was paid in plus adjusted for inflation) and all unconstitutional expenditures (See the enumerated powers of Congress in the Constitution.  If it isnt in there SCRAP IT).  A gradual approach is always better but we are almost out of time for a gradual approach.

I propose a phased elimination of the of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid taxes only when those programs are eliminate and only when the National Debt is seriously diminished.

Place the burden squarely back where it belongs – on the individual.  The individual then can go to their family, local community, church or charitable organizations, and their city or state if they want to assume the roll of charitable organization.  A much stronger social network exists rather than the monolithic impersonal cradle to grave approach.

Governments roll is that of governance and common defense.  Charity belongs with individuals, families and HMMM… charitable organizations.  Stop the raid on the Treasury!

My buddy Thane showed me this entertaining version of the economic theory battles raging today.  Thanks Thane!


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