Radical Gardening

27 09 2011

My wife says I’m crazy.  I know I am.  I’m going to be a crazy radical gardener and more.

I remember when I was 4 years old working in the backyard garden with my family in New Zealand.

My parents didn’t know a thing about gardening and I wanted to help.  I grabbed a shovel and started digging.

At one point, I wanted to go deeper into the soil but didn’t have a body large enough to jump onto the shovel like my dad.  I wanted to go really deep into the dirt so I lifted the shovel up as high as I could and brought it down onto my right big toe.

My parents rushed me to a doctor to make sure there was no long-term damage.  The toe was fine after a few weeks.

My mother tells me I would always go out and ride on the tractor with the agricultural missionaries and play in the mud and dirt at every moment.

Before we left New Zealand, I planted some apple seeds.  I was about 5 years old and didn’t realize we were leaving the country soon so I didn’t get a chance to see the fruits of my labors.

In Arizona my father tried to grow a garden and didn’t know anything about growing in a harsh environment and stuck to trees and grass.

I had my biggest success in Oregon.  On the side of a hill I had a terraced strawberry patch, a traditional garden and some old fruit trees in the orchard.  Love fresh Bing cherries right off the tree.  In the summer we got a large salad bowl of strawberries every day.

I now live in Texas, north of Dallas.  Not the easiest growing environment.  It could be worse.  I have the bug to grow and produce as much as possible on our property.

Watch this video below and tell me if you would like to do something like what is on the video.  I plan on incorporating fish and ocean water into the mix at my place.  This is truly radical environmentalism.


Global Warming, Global Shmorming

26 06 2009

Global Warming, Global Shmorming

Why on earth should anyone believe Nancy Pelosi?  Her panic to pass the sweeping environmental bill is disturbing on many fronts.  Not only is there not a consensus among scientists as Al Gore has lied to us about, but come to find out many scientists have been silenced.  In a Wall Street Journal article it notes that Joanne Simpson, the first female  PHd meteorologist said that since she retired last year she can now speak “frankly”.  The number of disbelievers of the ‘New Religion’ of global warming have been numerous and are growing daily.  Nancy Pelosi, however,  is vested monetarily in belief.  Her faith has less to do with her concern for the planet than it does to enrich her family’s already fat portfolio.

I don’t have the investigative resources to verify all of this but her highly paid executive son, Paul Pelosi Jr., has been quietly buying up cheap carbon credits on the private market for next to nothing so that if and when the US global warming bill passes, the carbon credits would then cost an arm and a leg.  Insider knowledge and having a twisting arm in the halls of power would give you a leg up on the competition wouldn’t it?!

So, if I had $1000 or a few million to invest and I had my mother pushing the legislation through – do I hear an undisclosed conflict of interest here?  Of course I do but it seems to be happening all the time.  Should it be illegal?  Yes it should be but who’s making the laws?

If this is true, shouldn’t Nancy Pelosi step down from  Congress until her conflicts of interest are resolved?  Isn’t this dirtier than theft?  At least when a thief has stolen from you it’s obvious, you know about it.  Congressmen are good at stealing behind your back which is way worse because you’re being lied to as well as being stolen from. I’m sick of these sneaky lying leaders guiding us like lemmings over the cliff.
In the first place, Global Warming is a crock and always has been.  Think about it for a minute.  If all of this ‘evil’ Carbon Dioxide was circulating in our environment at one time many years ago, what makes it evil to release it?  Coal for example used to be trees, plants and all kinds of vegetation.  A catastrophic event or events took it out of circulation and buried the hydrocarbons.  Perhaps a good coalition to start would be “Liberate the Carbon Initiative”.

Did you know that with more Carbon Dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere the better plants grow?  There are so many contradicting evidences to Global Warming that Al Gore’s ”An Inconvenient Truth” should be place in the fiction section of the library.

I have said for decades to use up the coal, burn the natural gas, and drive your petroleum burning vehicle.  Yes, I agree that they should be non-polluting.  Who wants dirty air?  I hate pollution!  However, Carbon Dioxide must not be mis-categorized as a pollutant.  If it were so, you would have to say goodbye to your carbonated drinks.  Carbon Dioxide must be elevated to a necessary and saving gas. Plants are dead without it.  Of course we couldn’t live without plants.

If you run a greenhouse you know that pumping additional carbon dioxide in will make your plants grow more efficiently and healthily.  At this moment in our planets history there is a deficit of carbon dioxide (CO2).  Increasing of CO2 is good.  All life will benefit from higher CO2 in our atmosphere.   There are studies that have been and are being done by very reputable scientists that prove that Earth’s living organisms are benefiting from the increase in CO2.  Right now CO2 levels are in the high 300’s in parts per million.  Levels of 1000-2000 ppm cause plants to grow extremely efficiently.

My motto – “Burn Baby Burn!”

Garden of Eden

5 04 2009

My hope one day is that the earth will be as lush and productive as the Garden of Eden. I believe it was a real place, not a mythical biblical allegory of our hopes and dreams.

One thing I have found out through my inquiring is that there are things missing in our lands.

I’ve read many books regarding trace minerals, health, gardening, agriculture etc. One book introduced to me by Acres USA, the best sustainable agriculture magazine on the planet, was about Dr. Maynard Murray and his research. His goal was to find the cure for cancer. He found much more.

He found the cure. He noticed that sea creatures for the most part didn’t get cancer. He determined that the cure is in eating food grown or raised on soil that has all the minerals available to them. This soil is not hyped up with ammonium nitrate fertilizers and poisoned by fertilizers either.

He hauled sea water to his property and grew grains, fruits and vegetables with diluted seawater. His neighbors were ready to sue him for property damage but their property benefited as well.

He then took two groups of mice used in cancer research. One group he fed the regular food. The other group he fed his produce grown on his property that had all trace minerals on it from the sea water.

The results floored him. The control group fed regular food developed cancer like normal. The other groups cancer rate dropped significantly – over 90%. He then took the survivors and had them produce baby mice and he fed the the next generation the mineral rich food. No cancer was evident in the next generation. Is genetic damage being repaired? He did other research confirming his initial results.

No other research like that has been done that I have found. Why? I guess there’s no money in it. It doesn’t pay.

My solution? Well, if I were President Obama I would issue executive orders banning pesticides and ammonium nitrate fertilizers and use sea water and other natural healthy methods to increase quality and production. The health care crisis would be virtually eliminated. You would truly be eating your health insurance. Right now we have a sick insurance system – not health.

Another book I read goes over the amazing qualities of good compost and how best to produce it. Another resource discusses charcoal enhancements. There is so much that can be done that is not.

Imagine a United States (world for that matter) that had the best food supply which would produce the healthiest people. When you’ve got your health you’ve got everything.

You can do this yourself. I purchased concentrated sea water and did experiments on my backyard garden and other items. My soil is lacking compost and is quite poor but has produced tomatoes, broccoli, wheat and other items. I neglected the garden severely. I also purchased rock dust that has a great spectrum of minerals in it which has been tested with great results as well.

Unfotunately modern agriculture isn’t designed with Hypocraties motto in mind, “Let your medicine be your food.” The large corporations don’t mean to harm, they simply have a focus on the bottom line above all else.

The world can be better and we can do it one garden at a time.

Feel free to leave me a comment or ask for resources. Happy to help if I can.

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