Fear Rules

8 12 2011

Be Still, No Fear

If I paid attention to all the things others people would like me to be fearful about, I could be in a constant state of panic.

I must follow a few rules to prevent or eliminate fear.  From my experience, when making decisions based on fear, serious miscalculations are often the result.  If I conquer fear, I can conquer my surroundings.

Rule 1. Be still.  What I have found to be the most profound is to be still.  I find that meditating and prayer in the morning first thing will pave the way for a productively peaceful day.  When I am able to be still and have a personal distillation process take place within my mind, body and soul, a foundation is laid for the day.  At the end of the day before I go into the rest and repair mode of sleep, I am able to let go of the accumulated stresses and strains by being still.  Turn it off.  Sometimes we can be TOO turned on to others thoughts and ideas and have our own valuable thoughts and impressions pushed aside. There is a scripture that says: “Be still and know that I am God.”  There are several ways to read that passage.  Inflection and emphasis on the word ‘know’ implies that we cannot know God without being still.

Rule 2.  Love.  I must truly love myself so that I may have a softened heart to be able to love others.  I’m not talking about the warped emotional sickness of narcissism or selfishness that is the result of an emotional void being filled in perpetually un-fulfilling ways.  I’m talking about being able to tell myself and deeply feel care and concern for my soul now, in the past, and myself that is to be. As feeling grows, it is impossible to contain.  Radiation is a natural consequence of being filled.  Light naturally fills and expands as does love.  As I bask and contemplate, realizations and insights happen.

3. Gratitude.  There is a scripture that says we must “Thank the Lord thy God in all things.”  If something I perceive to be bad happens, it is not naturally logical to be grateful for that bad thing.  Miracles happen when that practice is instituted.  Sometimes I must be reminded to be thankful in all things.  It is then important to be surrounded by those with our best interests at heart and remind to thank God for ALL things.

Finally, when I am in a state of confident contemplation, I can then make the best decisions and take the best actions.  I have seen the contrast.  This really works.


Giving Thanks

25 11 2010

I'm Thankful ForWhat am I thankful for?

I am thankful for the many blessings offered by The Almighty in preserving my life and providing a Land Of The Free where I am truly free to choose. I am Thankful for all facets of what Jesus Christ was, is, and is to be in our lives.

An exercise our family has done in the past is to go around the Thanksgiving table while each person has a chance to say one thing we are grateful for and keep going around.  The first time we did it I thought the young children would run out of things as we went round and round the table, but time after time I was surprised at the level of their thankfulness or gratitude.  They were very thankful for simple little things that most adults take for granted.  It really is the simple little things that make a difference.

I read a scripture that changed the way I think about everything.  The Lord is quoted as saying, “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things.”

The day after I emphatically shared this with my family, a disaster struck.  Panic started to spread through my mind and heart like a plague until my amazing wife kindly reminded me of the words of the Lord, “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things.”

I immediately said a prayer in my mind and heart thanking God for this event that on the surface was not good.  Over the next two weeks, it turned out to be a blessing instead of a curse.  It doesn’t matter what the disaster was because they happen all the time, small and large.  The technique God has commanded us to use works every time.  Guaranteed or your money back.  No need to go to some expensive guru that may end up killing you in a sweat lodge either.  God’s commands are free and work every time.

I have to work today on this Thanksgiving and cannot spend the whole day with my family.  Rather than be bitter and resentful, I am thankful that I must work.  Miracles happen through thankfulness and gratitude.

I am grateful to have a job that helps me provide for goods and services to others that I may provide for my family, especially in this time when many are suffering from unemployment or underemployment.

I am thankful that the greater percentages of Americans are employed.

I am Thankful for or that I can:

  • Think grand visions with the hope of achieving them.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Do as I wish according to my thoughts.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Speak my mind and desires plainly and publicly.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Worship, serve and thank The Almighty God and seek truth as I feel.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Seek happiness in whatever way seems best to me.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Choose my friends, associations, employment, recreation, pastimes, and education as I would like.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Choose and influence my governmental leaders to represent my interests and concerns.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Travel without restriction.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Learn what I would like in the most amazing ways I had never imagined.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Create and share my creations worldwide.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Laugh, love and play in an infinite number of ways.  How many billion people cannot?
  • Freedom for my wife that she is allowed to be and do what she wants to.  How many billion women cannot?
  • Food to eat.
  • A place to live.
  • Many charitable people and organizations to help the less fortunate.
  • This goes on and on …..

The United States of America is the greatest land of freedom in the world.  Not all of our people have been educated to, believed in, and acted according to the Divine Founding Principles that many take for granted.  How many billion people are yearning for what many Americans don’t realize?

I am thankful for the founding fathers and mothers.  I thank George Washington for instituting the day as Holy in his Thanksgiving Declaration in 1789. I thank Abraham Lincoln for making this day an official Holy Day for the United States in 1863 at the height of the Civil War.

What makes my life truly worthwhile is my family.  I have an amazing wife, wonderful children, good parents and brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.  I am thankful for all things.

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