Congress Must Balance The Budget Now!

10 07 2011

If you’ve ever known anyone addicted to drugs, they have to hit rock bottom before they will do anything.

Unfortunately, sometimes they die, rob you blind or kill someone. That’s Congress right now.

Watch this to see intelligent men discuss the potentials.  Rick Santelli says it as it is!


Click on this image to see the debate.

Congress addicted to spending

Has Congress Hit Rock Bottom?



Cap and Lower the Federal Debt National Debt

3 10 2010

It’s obvious that there are massive disagreements between most people of how to reign in spending and be fiscally responsible as a nation so…

The ONLY solution is to put a cap or ceiling on the National Debt, the National Debt Ceiling or the Federal credit card.

My proposal:

  1. Congress, or if they won’t do it, the people, must pass a law to put a lid on raising the debt ceiling. This law must have strong measures that the ceiling can only be raised for one purpose, national defense and a vote of 85% of the Congress is required for the raising of the ceiling.
  2. At the same time, institute debt elimination of the National Debt by 3% per year. Of course that would eliminate the current budget deficit and force Congress and the Executive branch to hammer out the details.  Instead of over a Trillion deficit per year the debt reduction of 3% mandate would be around $400 Billion per year.  The battles of how the reductions would be made would not have to be worked out before the fact.

All rational and thinking individuals who have any responsible financial bones in their bodies know that there is a gigantic gaping hole in the hole of the ‘USS’ Constitution.  We all agree that bankrupting the country and national debt is a bad idea (Except Pete Stark, of course.  See the 2nd video on this post).

Of course, the Obama and Bush Administrations have not been fiscally responsible at all.  Bush’s legacy on fiscal responsibility receives a failing grade.  Obama accelerates the drunken sailor binge.

I don’t want to speak ill of drunken sailors because my father was in the Navy.  One day he was in a bar drinking with some friends.  For some reason he looked at his buddies getting sloshed and thought that he was wasting his time and didn’t want to turn out to be an alcoholic.  He said goodbye to his buddies and never took another drink.

That is what we as a country must do.  We must push away from the binge of destructive spending and get under control and never drink from the cup again.

ZERO DEBT NATION is the goal!

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