So You Want To Be A Socialist.

2 05 2011

Maxine Waters wants you to be a Socialist.

Maxine Waters, the self proclaimed Liberal (aka Socialist or Progressive) accidentally spoke her truth and tried to cover it up.  See her long uncomfortable pause while trying to rephrase her real intent into something more palatable to the American public was pathetic.  After realizing that there was no realistic way to re-phase her comments without looking more foolish, she continued on her train of thought of her Socialistic dream to take over the oil companies.

Are you shocked?  I am shocked that she felt politically safe enough that when she slipped up she eventually spoke her mind.  What a terrible job we have done at educating our Americans that would allow such a person to be and stay in office.

Maxine Waters and her friends planned and succeeded to take over the mortgage industry to provide loans to those who didn’t deserve it.   She helped perpetuate the corruption before the housing bubble burst.  Let’s look at Maxine Waters and friends wisdom in the housing crisis.  This video is from 2004 was long before the housing bubble burst.  There were certain regulators that saw what was going on and tried to raise the alarm and make corrections.  See what crooks are running our country still.

Will she get kicked out of Congress for her pending ethics violations investigations?

There are plenty of her types in the federal government right now so she may get a pass.

Do you really want Socialists running the company you work for or if you own your own business?  There has been no successful model of Socialism EVER!  If you want to see the model she prefers, look no further than Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.  Contracts and property rights are not well respected.  Government spending is on the rise. The government has taken over many private enterprises. Private investment has decreased drastically.

Yes, Venezuela’s gasoline is artificially cheap but not for long.  Despite cheap gas, their economy is dwindling.

Maxine’s still trying to wreak havoc this month.  Maxine reintroduced H.R. 1567, the Foreclosure Prevention and Sound Mortgage Servicing Act of 2011.  Hasn’t she done enough already?  She said in April, “This bill is the first in a series of legislative proposals that I plan to introduce to further regulate the servicing industry and to protect homeowners.”

She’s done such a fine job already in housing and she wants to take over the oil industry too?  Who keeps voting these clowns into office?


May He Rest In Peace as well as His Policies

26 08 2009

I lived in the Boston area many moons ago.  I went on the Freedom Trail, an awesome experience.  It starts in Boston Commons, a little grassy park in the middle of the downtown concrete jungle of Boston.  A little booth at the time led me down a painted red stripe on the sidewalk which turned into red bricks and back and forth all the way through the historic parts of old Boston, Paul Revere’s house, the Old North Church – one if by land, two if by sea (or is it the other way around?), Bunker/Breeds hill and the USS Constitution, Old Ironsides at the end of the trail.

I then went as a squeaky behind the ears young adult lad to the Kennedy Presidential library.  I admired the display of his heroic events on the PT-109 boat and mused a bit over the desk he used as President.  I read the statement of his father Joseph Kennedy that goes something like, “It’s not the money a man’s made but the family he’s raised.”

I left the library feeling good about my experience and chose to share my experience the next morning with a respected older man that I worked with at the time.  I fully expected a statement of congratulations in observing a great statement.  I instead was shocked and surprised at his reaction.  He launched into a bitter attack on Joseph Kennedy’s character as having helped fuel mobsterism and civil discord during the prohibition era.  I had no idea that bootlegging and running illegal operations is how the Kennedy’s came up with their nest egg.  What a surprise.

That was my innocent introduction to a more intimate understanding of the Kennedy family.  President Kennedy was assassinated when I was a baby or toddler.  I really wish that had never happened.

Edward (Ted) Kennedy is to be honored for his good.  The bad will hopefully be forgiven and forgotten.

I do hope that with Ted Kennedy’s passing that his ideals for a full USA Socialistic health care system also passes with him and not in  Congress.

Ted Kennedy took a large roll in pushing Medicaid/Medicare upon the USA like a drug dealer pushes some free cocaine on a new user.  That way the user is hooked and wants more and will do whatever they can to get it.  Forget about consequences, they’ve got to have it now.

The unfunded liability of Medicaid/Medicare is burying the USA and we don’t even realize it.  $700 Billion this year and climbing.  It is the largest item in the budget, more than Social Security, Interest on the debt, or Defense Department.  The baby boomers will become baby beggars soon and the till and well will be dry.  I’m at the end or just out of the Boomer Generation depending on who you talk to.  Forget about it you Gen X’ers there’s none left for you either.

I’m all for true Socialism – people freely giving anything and everything if they so choose to who, what where or how they choose.

No hard feelings Ted.  Rest in Peace.

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